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  1. Thanks folks, for your responses.
  2. There is a new ML 350 expected in international showrooms within next 2 months, and in India by 2nd quarter of 2012. The present one available in India is the ML350CDI, and its ex-shroom price (EXE variant) of ~Rs50 lacs represents a +Rs10 lacs discount over the price 6 months ago (according to the dealer). Re-sale will take a beating when the new one is launched, and even though I do not intend to sell for the next 7-8 years, does the discount justify buying a version on its way out? I find the pricing very attractive, and will certainly not be able to afford the new one when launched. Also, i do not like any of the competitors - the Q5, Prado, Freelander. The Q7/ X5 / GL class are outside my budget. I really do want a Merc. So its either the present ML350CDI, or the E350CDI. The ML has so much more presence! Thoughts?