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  1. I took Dr. Nishu's advice and have booked the SMT Model...waiting for the delivery...Thanks everyone..!! Once I get the delivery.. will update.!
  2. Thanks rssh, I have now decided on the Brio...and no looking back. There is a parcel tray on all variants except the base variant, the slaresrep informed me that it should be available in the mkt. Any suggestion on the music system.? I do require one. WIll any 2 Din system fit and how abt the speakers. pls suggest.
  3. Hi Friends, After a lot of delebrations, I booked a Honda Jazz in Aug'11.. but even after waiting for over 6 months I never got the car. With the bitter experience, now I decided to for the Brio EMT(base model) with no frills which should get delivered in another week or so. I want to now Jazz-up my Brio. Want to get your suggeestions on what can be done. 1. Music System 2. Key Less Entry 3. Chrome finish to interiors - is that doable.? 4. Tray on the back 5. Wheel covers - Do they come with the EMT model, the sales guy did not know.:-( 6. Chrome Door Handles Also let me know if anyone of you has done something similar and your experiences..
  4. Thanks for your suggestions.. I had a TD of the i20, it has great interiors, however the rear space was not too comfortable when I was sat.. I am about 6'0''. Yet to try out the micra. For 1000 kms a month, is it worth spending on a diesel car.? Would cost say 70/80K more.. Also, does Chevy Beat have a Diesel variant.?
  5. Not driven any of them... Do you think they(Polo/Micra) are worth the buck.? Also, is this deal from scoda not worth a thought.? I am not too much into cars, and was sold on the fabia 1.2 classic pertol by the scoda sales guy who told me its a kinda lifetime opportunity with a 44k discount on the model.
  6. Also... how about the Toyota Liva.. heard that gets unveiled on the 27th of this month. Man, this is getting difficult and exciting..
  7. Friends, New to Autocar, need your help an suggestion. I am looking for a vehicle for my wife, will be a chauffer driven car. Key attributes are #Road presence #Cost of spares & maintenance FE is not as important as it would be run for about 35-40 kms only per day. Scoda is offering a good deal @ 3.99L [4.5 L on road] for the Fabia Classic.. and I am just wonering if its worth the wait for the New 2011 Swift or do I go ahead and book the Fabia...I am okay to wait for Also, seens some blogs where its being suggeste that the cost of spares( whch was a huge deterreent earlier) has now come down considerably and is slightly more than swift but wont burn the pockets like earlier. Please suggest.. Thread moved.BornFree2011-06-21 16:28:06