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  1. @creativebala I have found out a genuine site for Toyota complaints Here only genuine users can register complaints as the engine number is required. Now we can really see the number of complaints being registered and the topics or the concerns raised by customers. Toyota will also learn how to improve their vehicle FOC. This can become a great platform to see all the real complaints.I have already added my Toyota etios issues. Till date customers never come in touch with each other and the dealers and the company never tells about the issues being faced by the customers and the problems in their vehicles. This will be open now.
  2. @creativebala I totally agree to @grpanesar, even my 11 years old wagon R driven for almost 1 Lakh km has no issue of NVH. The people from Toyota who came to inspect excessive issues in my etios also complimented me that my wagon R does not have any vibration.They even made a comparative video to study the fact. This made me really proud. I can understand your anxiety because you might have never had experienced low NVH in your vehicles including your Ambassador, M&M Jeep, city bus etc. Take a look at Toyota Etios vibratios vibrations like tractor. Please try some vehicles of other brand irrespective of the price tag, sedan/hatchback, size in cc apart from Toyota Etios and you will understand the real meaning of comfort and Luxury. Even the diesel vehicle have better NVH than my petro fuel Toyota Etios.
  3. @creative bala I am sorry, you are totally mistaken in understanding my problem. My Etios vibrates excessively while standing at the red light when the AC and the blower is switched "OFF". The vibrations are felt on the steering, arm rest, the doors vibrate and make noise, the roof top is also vibrating. Unless you experience my problem you can't ascertain the gravity of my problem.But is interesting to know that it vibrates at 100 kmph also which is a very common speed on highways!! Remember the Toyota brand is because of good quality vehicles that it has given to society in past and this Toyota tag alone does not Gaurantee the performance of Etios which is presently failing.Toyota past was bright but present is gloomy and the future may be dark if they do not work on the quality issues of Etios. It is people like you who infill the over confidence in Toyota to understand any genuine concerns. As far as the test ride is concerned it is always for a very short duration and that too on the best vehicle made by the company. Moreover the vehicle which is delivered to me is not the same test ride vehicle and therefore my etios can very likely have a defect which will not be common to the test ride vehicle. This kind of vibrations are normally not available in any car of any engine size in cc, any segment-sedan or hatchback, any price tag INR 1.5L to 25L, any brand-new or old. A customer who is paying his hard earned money is looking only Performance and not Brand. As I am reading lot of reviews on the internet I am observing that the vehicles produced during FEB and MAR 2011 are having higher NVH.This is very raw conclusion. Toyota will have the exact data. If Toyota responds well to consumer issues, we can soon expect a recall from Toyota next month. As far as cost cutting is concerned - people like you and me did not give any budget to Toyota to design the vehicle. We bought the Etios at the price offered to us- without discount. I bought Toyota thinking that they have a good record of producing vehicles but if they have given a vehicle with very high noise and vibration level to me, I have all the right in this world to voice my issue. As you have also bought Etios and spent the hard earned money like me, you can understand my pain and should whole heartedly support me in my fight for justice from Toyota. Have you ever seen vibrations on the roof of a petrol engine car. Also read edan-disappointment-for-owner.htm After buying Toyota I have lost charm of owning Toyota Badge.
  4. Etios is an incomplete vehicle like a baby born prematurely. It is having a moderate engine with decent dynamics but cost cutting in other areas specially related to comfort has resulted in a half cooked product. As for being categorized as an economical product: I feel that as compared to other Toyota it is economical . But compared with its peers it is not a economy product and by no stretch of imagination can be described as value for money product. Once euphoria over Toyota badge goes, then Toyota will have to pull up its socks and improve Etios in many areas. In an attempt to reduce price the gaskets are also removed In Etios which makes the dust and dirt trapped in between the door and body and also make room for lizards, insects, cockroaches etc to get inside the door and body and they can easily enter inside as soon as the door is opened. These gaskets would have not costed more than INR 4000 for all 4 doors. The reduction in the quality of dampers and insulating material has made possible all the oscillations from the engine to get inside the passenger cabin and create nuisance for the driver. Human vibration is defined as the effect of mechanical vibration on the human body and it has long been recognised that the effects of direct vibration on the human body can be serious. It can can lead to blurred vision, loss of balance, loss of concentration, etc. In some cases, certain frequencies can permanently damage internal body organs. However, during our normal daily lives we are exposed to vibration of one kind or another, for example, in buses, cars and trains. Human vibration can be pleasant or unpleasant and we try to avoid exposing ourselves to unpleasant vibration such as travelling on bumpy roads. There are two main types of human vibration