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  1. What are the advantages of a diesel engine?

    My friend advantages of diesel engine over what cng , lpg or petrol engine. Man diesels have no throttle plate so needs lot of air i cylinder to take you forward so turbo is a must and so torque is high rpm does not rise high as in petrols, so their maintenance is high , more prone to part failure. fuel prices are almost same, resale value^^^ but on other hand petrols are really heart winners in terms of power, maintenance
  2. Hello Autocar Forum

    welcome So with this knowledge any mods on your verna
  3. Hello from a big Autocar India fan

    hey bro welcome
  4. Hey people

    thanks for the welcome All the rides i own are practical to the way we 3 men live.. my father, my bro and me i own polo, tt 1.8, 335d, seat leon 1.6 all have been worked as we wanted. None of them carrying factory maps.
  5. Hey people

    This is paras a delhi based reader of autocar mag and forum both, hi to all, and i look forward on spending some good time here. Stuff here is good. Helps a lot. AND I am definitely a car guy.