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  1. Thanks for warm welcome.

    I have gone thru announcement section, will stick to rules.

    @DurangoDude - Yup! Fiat is going to be my next one:) waiting for 1.6 MJD.

    Let's see what and how it turns out to be finally.


  2. Your friend is falling for Punto :)

    IMO, he should go for Punto as this is what his heart says, this is enough reason to buy. And more over Punto satisfies atleast two of three criteria your friend is looking for, one is "comfortable" and others is "well built".

    For third criteria "fuel efficient" I am not sure as I do not own one but being a diesel it should be fuel efficient.

  3. Hi All,

    I am Gagan Gupta, working as a Project Manager in a leading software company in Greater Noida.

    I love cars and driving, though not a technical person when it comes to mods / engine detailing.


    I am here to learn from the vast experience of all gurus out there.


    My first car was Alto LX, bought in 2002 and sold in 2006. I had driven alto to 75000 KM.

    Then I bought Indica Xeta GLG (1.4 L) and it's serving me till now quite well, have done 59000 plus till date and happily munching more :)


    That's me!