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  1. Nitrogen is filled in tyres instead of air in many other countries i have even seen imported cars with nitrogen filled tyres its way lighter than air and has a longer life! i have heard they are filled in some petrol pumps here in india too but don't know where.
  2. SORRY THE CAR IS 2001 m not rich nor adveturous i wnted a good estate with abs imported diesls give gud millage and have exellent safety features
  3. i don't know the guy was telling 2.2 crdi and 115 bhp but i didnt find that on the net but it was written on the boot lid HDI
  4. I saw an ad in the local classifieds paper as i was looking for a car with ABS, then i found an interesting one it is an imported 2003 Peugeot 306 HDI i saw it and drove it was really a superb experience he says it gives him 16 in the city 18 on th highway it has many features like 2 airbags mounted on each side of the seats 1 on the head rest of each seat then usual 2 dashboard airbags its a station wagon so it matches my needs as i take my dogs where ever i go all this is fine but he quoted 7 and later came to 6.25 its run only about 7k kms and mico bosch had imported it for some r&d purpose the person who is selling it to me bought it from them in an auction for it and is now selling it to us he gets it serviced from sundram motors in Bangalore Do you guys advise me to buy it ?
  5. YES, i want to convert it into a crossover by modifying its boot i want to know if its safe and where can i get it done in Bangalore or somewhere else if it doesn't take long
  6. I want to know if i can modify the boot lid and rear glass in such a way as to convert the sedan design of the car to a station wagon or crossover as it was meant to be and please tell me some dependable expertise who can get this job done in Bangalore. PLEASE!! do reply as i haven't got any replies in the post i had put post in titled maruti 800 more power I
  8. Many of you asked me to have a look at the cedia as well which i did
  9. As you guys had advised in my previous post i had a look at it , its almost perfect ,the two backdrops i found was it has a low rear seat and doesn't offer much thigh support which can affect very much on long journeys, I Want to know is there any way by which i can make the rear seats more comfortable. please do Advise as i got very few replies on my last post
  10. vinay


    Can I install ABS on a car that doesn't come with it? If so where can i get it done is a place there in Bangalore if not where is it? a where i can do such modifications and how much would it cost approximately? I also had a crazy idea don't know if it would work but can i get a tata 207 or telcoline tuned to be smooth like an passenger suv and get interiors custom built and can i install ABS if so where can i get it done ? which place would be ideal ?
  11. which will be the best set of parking sensors and parking cam under20k and what else mods can i get for the sx4 m going to buy under 50k?
  12. i am also going to buy an sx4 so i also want to know what mods can i do for example i asked the dealers can i fix a sunroof they said i should fix only webasto which costs around 40k is there a cheaper option which will not interfere with the warranty or will not be of sub standard quality? and are xenon head lamps completely legal?
  13. I have an 98 maruti 800 i want to modify its performance and its looks legal to the traffic rules what are the mods available and i live in Bangalore and i want to know where i can get the mods done and how much will it cost? Note From Admin: Please search for existing topics before creating new threads. FuelRunGod2008-03-10 06:44:40
  14. Bargain in the sense with the authorized dealers?
  15. The main problem here is the car sellers here don't focus on safety as in most of the cars safety features like abs and airbags don't come at all or come as an option even in c+ segment cars like chvy optra where as in many other countries even the entry level cars have these features as standard and when the same cars come here they are stripped off of many features especially the safety ones!! it seems in our country safety is considered at most as an option! because the normal public for example will go i for the variant with out these features for example when i went to test drive the sx4 zxi and was interested, the sales man advised me to buy the vxi variant with out abs or air bags as it comes to almost a lakh difference Here in India we need these and many other safety features as standard as many people don't follow rules!!! they think they can just bribe the cop Note From Admin: Please use the normal fonts to type out your message. FuelRunGod2008-03-08 17:07:07