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  1. funnily enough my car is still not fixed... i have asked VW customer service to address my concerns and am still waiting for their email ... @sreekant i think they might have replaced the cylinder head...a software update will not help clear a physical issue as what id think ...
  2. Thanks everybody for your comments The service station has called now saying some parts need to be replaced...and that they are sending the car back till the parts arrive... ive asked them to send me in writing what needs to be changed etc ...once they do that..ill share it here... is it safe to drive though? the service manager insists it is :S
  3. @ashikawa petrol ... thanks...there are no long term effects to this right?
  4. @vipul thanks ... but i think this is agood service center... im just confused between both the opinions and im not ready to accept an engine change the car has just completed a year...
  5. I had purchased a VW Polo 1.2 Highline in april 2010. The engine check light showed up recently and i went to 2 VW worlshops....the second workshop says they need to replace the "gaskets & seals"... a) is this a normal issue?' The first workshop i went to said that they will replace my engine! Shd i be worried????