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  1. i have not added any accessories right now.
  2. so if i go for a pioneer hu and jbl speakers, would it make a good combination?
  3. well, i have not calculated the mileage as of yet, and the beige interiors came with the car itself.
  4. I settled for the Getz 1.1 GVS. I bought this beauty from Saini Hyundai in Kolkata on Wednesday (10th October) for 4,64,00 OTR with Keyless entry, Full anti-rust and Teflon coating, matting and a car cover. That was a steal, I tell you. The color we chose was real earth. The waiting period was about 2 months. Nowadays they have enlarged the tires and also added a rear spoiler. Once I got inside the vehicle, I thought that I was inside of a sedan. The beige interiors and wooden finishes here and there really adds to the sedan look. Surprisingly even 4 people can squeeze in the rear seat and the boot space is huge! The ac was quite okay but it may not turn water into ice but it's more than adequate. When I started the engine, I thought I was bound to get disappointed but it turned out to be an impressive performer. It was really easy to drive and the ride quality was excellent with no engine noise. The suspensions were equally impressive. If you close your eyes, I bet that you may even forget that you are inside of a car! I suggest that people looking for a hatchback should seriously consider this. Take a test drive and see it for yourself. I will post more details and pictures soon if you guys need it! Getz Vs. Swift Now to get some facts straight. I was heavily in favor of the Swift but my parents rejected it due to lack of space, refinement and for the bumpier rides in the rear seat as compared to that of the Getz. Now they were in a position to see that the only thing huge difference which the Swift has, was that of the 1.3 engine but the Getz had an equally impressive space of a sedan, much much better interiors and a smooth and silky ride quality. Though it is much more fun to drive the Swift, the Getz beats Swift in regards to space and refinement. Fuel economy is more or less equal and there is no doubt that the Maruti service is still numero uno but Hyundai is not bad either. My advice is that if you are an individual go for the Swift but if you have a family, the Getz is a much better deal. Don't go for the HYPE!
  5. First to clear off all your queries! My Car- Getz Prime 1.1 GVS My Budget- 15000 for now, can spend about 5000 later! Right now it is chauffer driven but I will drive it from next year cause of some license problems! My Music Preference- Pink Floyd, Nirvana, GNR, Metallica, U2, Cradle of Filth, Children of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir, etc etc but my parents will listen to bollywood or classicals. So EVERYTHING! I will not sacrifice bootspace or anything! My father will buy this system. Since the car is just about a month an half old, he is not keen on investing too much right now. So it's like He will spend about 15,000 right now and can add a bit later on next year. So it looks like either the amplifier or the subwoofer would be on hold. So what do you says guys? Is Sony Xplode really that bad?