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  1. i20 CRDi - weak acceleration

    There are is no option for Hyundai i20 in the list, while signing Up.. sgiitk2011-07-08 05:38:59
  2. i20 CRDi - weak acceleration

    You are right even I am driving in the lag region and strictly following the Gear Shift indicator. I have to yet measure the mileage in City , but last Saturdays trip to Kancipuram(chennai) to and fro from Bangalore with 4 people and full laguage, the total distance was 596Kms which took 25Ltrs = 1165 Rs of diesel, giving mileage of 23.84 with AC. My family was really happy to see the mileage, I guess the 6th gear did the magic, 1900rpm (1/4 th throttle) 6th gear speed was 102Km\h. -------- No salutations, or sign offs. Watch your punctuation (capitalisation) MODS sgiitk2011-07-08 05:38:32
  3. i20 CRDi - weak acceleration

    Thank You TsiVipul and rssh and autocarindia I found the problem was at my side, I used to keep 1/4th throttle and wait for the rpm to raise slowly crossing 1800-2000 rpm and was expecting turbo to spool up, Finally i got know that if i keep the throttle fully pressed from 1200rpm in 2nd or 3rd gear, i can feel the intial lag and suddenly at 1800rpm the turbo push kicking in. My car is fine and is all working well, Thank you all guys for helping me and your time. This is my first experience with DIESEL engines so still learning. sgiitk2011-07-08 05:41:50
  4. i20 CRDi - weak acceleration

    Hi Today i went to Hyundai Service Center, and they helped me to calrify the above issues. Acoording to service center mechanic, 1)both the Boot door and Car door lit up if either one of them is opened it is normal and it is in every car. 2)He tested the car and he said the turbo kick is happening and since it is just new your not seeing the difference, I didn't agree, i went to service manager and told about this "Neutral Switch" Issue, he made them check with the G-Scan and he found everything is normal. I was still unsatisfied beccoz the i20 5speed CRDI i test drove seemed more powerful than the one i own. Luckily at the same time a guy with the same make and model came (i20 CRDIO 6 speed Magna), and he had covered 6640KMs. I asked about my issue, he said, he did not find any such problem, Later i requested him to see his car by switching on the ignition and revving, i didn't find any difference between mine and his, probably it is just user perception or even he had the same problem and did not notice, and by the way car/boot door opening light also functions same. I will wait for first service to happen and then, let me see. Correct me if i am over looking at these things. MADAN
  5. i20 CRDi - weak acceleration

    Hi PremChand, I have bought new Hyundai i20 CRDI Magna (6 speed) on 27th june 2011, from day one i facing two suspcious problems 1) Boot Door and car door opening indicator both lit up if either one of them is opened. 2)I am not seeing any effect of turbo at all wether it is 1800rpm upto 4000rpm. After seeing your post, i have decided to go to the Trident Hyundai service center and show them the problems. Please tell me your opinion about this. during the first running period, is turbo disabled ? or swithced off ?, as you said even i am feeling lot of discomfort and feeling huge lack of power. The i20 crdi which i test drove, kicks in turbo at 1800rpm and you can literally feel the push. but the new one doesnot even feel it has a turbo. and secondly the indicators for both Boot door and car doors lit simultaneously. My car is just 1 week old and has done 750KMs(had a trip to chennai). i am feeling very sad with the above 2 problems Regards MADAN