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  1. Thank you for your concern! I was under the impression that biggest hatches was either Jazz'11 or Swift'11. I really didn't want to go for a SUV but that option is becoming more and more probable. That is why I asked for car customization because I like driving hatches and I don't mind paying good money for good work done. P.S. - I know I might have to swallow my pride and abandon Honda for Mahindra or Tata lol,
  2. Hi, thank you for the quick response. I haven't test driven Jazz but I was feeling a little "tight" in the leg department (probably due to my knee problem). I like to keep my knee straight (i.e. my leg is more or less at 180 degrees) for the most comfortable driving experience. Wagon R doesn't have much space but I kind of relax my leg by keeping it between the clutch and the break (its kind of hard to explain). But I have heard rumors that car garages and customizing shops can push the driving seat further back which gives me hope. So I was wondering if this esteemed forum has people who have experience in that area because I don't.
  3. Hi guys, I have frequently posted on this forum and you folks have been very helpful through all the procedure. I am a tall guy (6
  4. >Hi folks, about a month ago or so, I asked for your opinion and advice for which car to buy. After a lot of consideration, I have narrowed down on Jazz'11 or Swift'11. However there are some issues which I have to pick for both of these cars which makes my decision a bit hard. Your esteemed opinion is appreciated as always. Jazz'11 no doubt is the more luxurious of the two, has better interiors. However a friend told me not to go for it because Honda has plans to launch a new Jazz in 2012 (Q1 maybe?) which would make my purchase of Jazz'11 (which has very few changes I heard from earlier Jazz) outdated within a year. I plan to use the car for at least 4-5 years. Any information on this topic guys? Swift'11 I have heard is technologically superior compared to Jazz with some cutting edge features. However Autocar recently had an article on Swift Sport which will be showcased in Japan next month, it has a strong 1.5 liter engine, its longer and offers better driving experience. Swift sport if ever launched in India would be my choice but unfortunately no information is available on that front. Swift Sport seems so
  5. Thanks for the multiple responses guys. I have been keeping busy, I checked out Jazz, City, Polo, Vento, Etios and Liva. However all of them failed to fully satisfy me in terms of leg space, they were good and I can make it work but I wish it was more comfortable. However then I checked out Figo, it took me by surprise because none of you even mentioned it as a contender but it surprisingly has the MOST legspace compared to all the cars mentioned above (I know its hard to believe, check it out for yourself). I am gonna wait for a few months as a lot of cars are coming out but if I had to buy one within the next few weeks, it would surely be Figo.
  6. I am planning to buy a car with GREAT leg space. I am 6'4 and have very long legs so much so that driving gets borderline painful if I don't stretch them in 2-3 mins. Luckily, I drive a Wagon R which has just okay leg space but has some space between the clutch and the break where I place my leg for relaxation. However the car is getting old and there are some great cars in the market. That being said I don't mind waiting for some bigger cars to come into the scene like Maruti's RIII, Hyundai's i30 etc. Other important things: - I drive quite less, my office is close by - I am single fellow with no family so driver experience is an important factor - Price is not an issue. Though I wouldn't prefer to buy a 3 box car or an SUV. Help me out guys!