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  1. thanks @TSiVipul , i will post the ownership report once i get the vehicle.
  2. @TSiVipul @Golf I perfectly agree to your points on ABS/Airbags. Hence i have decided to leave Polo and choose Ford Figo Titanium variant with all safety features owing to my budget. @All Thanks every body for your inputs. It made me aware abt the various perspectives in which people need to look thro' before purchasing car. Cheers, Dinakaran.S
  3. Hi Sham , This is exactly my problem. ABS/Airbag are definitely helpful but my question is more on how much of risk it is without them provided the higher speed i can reach at any point is 80 kmph and car will be mostly used in city traffic . I cant afford for a diesel high line as it crosses 8 lakh budget easily. Cheers, Dinakaran.S
  4. interesting thought @ashikawa @nikvint . But i just felt that car without power windows makes it look primitive. Agree to the fact it is 'nice to have feature' rather than being an essential feature !!! So barring the rear power windows , i think i need to check for the default seat height adjustment and do a test drive to see how it works for me.
  5. @ashikawa I was looking for seat height adjustment as im mere a 5.6 inches and it could complete the package with all power windows , rear parcel tray etc. I guess the difference between TL and CL is 60K . I'm concerned abt the road visibility for my height.
  6. @ashikawa thanks for the reply, yes i read thro' the ownership report . looks to be a fab deal with people get AMC for diesel as well keeping fingers crossed so that i can pay the money upgright and can have a peace of mind for next 3 years. Cheers, Dinakaran
  7. Hi Experts , Could you please explain me how much is it essential to have airbag or ABS as an important safety feature taking into consideration that am a new driver and mostly be involved in city driving and very rarely ride on highways and my driving speed wont go beyond 80 kmph (i say with my current biking speed which is mostly kept at 40-50 kmph :-) ) . I very well understand how ABS works but just wanted to check how important would it be in the driving scenario i have mentioned. As i see , most cars running on the roads doesnt have this feature. Some of them suggested its a must option and ABS/Airbags comes in high line only with exceeds my budgets and comes to around 8.2 lakhs which i felt is too costly for a hatchback . Cheers, Dinakaran
  8. Thanks for the response,no common issues reported is a good news for me. no salutations. Repeat sgiitk2011-07-08 05:39:57
  9. Hi Bala , Thanks for the info. I too read some where a facelift is provided with better blue tooth enabled music system and controls on the steering . But not sure if it was for the vento or polo. Blame by ignorance ,a google search didn't help me , hence can you confirm what IIRC is 'If i remember correctly' ? If the engine change is going to happen , it will be a major facelift and the re-sale value of present cars will go for a toss !!! Cheers, Dinakaran
  10. Thank you ' date=' will go through this . Sorry abt these , will get it corrected going forward. Cheers, Dinakaran
  11. This is my first post and like many others are looking for a car to buy. I have made extensive research on many of the cars available in the market. Of all the cars that i have seen , the only car that impressed me is the VW Polo Diesel Comfort Line - i simply loved the way how the car is built in totality and even test drove it . I found it pretty easy to handle. I test drived Punto,Figo,Fabia. No other car won my heart like the Polo did. Also I know Polo comes with a premium and many niceties missing - ABS/Airbags etc . I can live with it. I'm a first time car owner and wanted to know if there would be any major common issues in owning the car. I will be going for the zero depreciation bumper to bumper insurance to cover up for any accidents encountered and any excess amount i can live with it . My usage will be pretty much on the city and max speed will be around 80 even in high ways. So now my question is : Is there common problems that is happening in Polo across many owners that anybody is aware about ? I'm OK with one off incidents where in people didnt get good service . sgiitk2011-07-08 04:06:23