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  1. Hi FRG, The WagonR link is for old gen WagonR. Please update it with New K-Series engine - Petrol, CNG & LPG.
  2. Dear All, I am new here so please forgive if anything wrong. Actually I want to buy my first car. I will use this car mainly for weekends and some other family trips only. My daily commuter will remain the same (my TVS Victor-GLX125). So in any case it will not run more than 10000 - 12000 Kms per year. My budget is maximum 4.5 Lacs. In my family there are two kids along with my mother and my better half. As petrol prices are getting higher and higher I think that it will be better to go for LPG option. I have finalized WagonR Duo. Now I need your suggestions whether my decision is correct or not.