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  1. Fine i will ask them in serivce to fix it next time. What about radiator? Do i need to fill it with water?
  2. What is relay? Now the sound has gone little bit.I will get that ok in the next service. I am not able to clean my windshield and windows properly, how can i clean, is there any wash for that? I am using amway car wash for other exterior parts. And also recommend for interior? Thread moved.BornFree2011-11-18 13:25:28
  3. i have only extra vibrasonic horn, not back horn. Instead i have melody maker.Yes,service and warranty is there. But if we are in a position that we cannot take the car out and it is left for 2-3 months in the same position. What should we do?
  4. Even if i pause a sec, i get this sound.How to check whether battery is low?
  5. When i am on my reverse gear my alto k10 makes some cracking noise. I have left my car for the past 2-3 months (ocassionally starting) due to drainage work in my area. Why this unusual sound is coming? And melody maker is also not functioning? Is this a serious issue?
  6. sathya


    I wil try aftershave on small scratch and on the big scratch i will do that with service. Thank you for all your replies
  7. sathya


    Kindly see my avatar to see the scartch and advise me.
  8. sathya

    Scratch kindly find the photo
  9. sathya


    How to upload photo?
  10. sathya


    I would like to know how to remove a small scratch in the rear door on the right side. Would that be done with pen remover or xenos scratch remover. Kindly recommend me the best brand.
  11. Good day, I would like to know the method of washing the car. What are the cleaning agents that we should use(specify any brand). If given in step by step format, it would be even more easy for me to wash.
  12. Branding is ok with pioneer and Jbl. Thanks for all your help will meet you in another thread. Thread moved.BornFree2011-07-21 17:55:27
  13. I got pioneer 2390ub, jbl GT6-S699 rear, jbl GT5-S204 front speakers and oval pad. Seat cover, full floor mat, sun visor, duster and brush. It all got totally RS.19850. Whether it is ok? I think it is costly, what to do our driver did like this. We even asked for bill he said if any problem,come to us we will solve it. Moreover in 3390ub they said it is coming with DVD, but in website it is only USB and IPOD direct control. Now in 2390ub i am not able to control my IPOD.
  14. I will go with pioneer speaker itself. Please suggest me best pioneer speakers for deh-3390 ub HU from pioneer.
  15. Mostly it will be self-driven, so i wil go with pioneer HU 3390 which is Rs.5899 and JBL 607c in front but i don't want to fix it in front doors. I will fix it in front boot, whether it will be ok? How about the rate. I have not finalised on the dealer, adivse on dealer in chennai.