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  1. disc brakes do get wet during the monsoon. i have experienced that a wet disc lacks bite and force to a large does this thing go with rear disc bikes?
  2. i have heard that excessive engine vibrations on a bike causes oligo/azoospermia or impotence to the rider if he is riding the bike as a routine. is this really true?..
  3. given my sheer lack of knowledge about diesel engines please answer the following questions: 1. what exactly is a common rail diesel engine? 2. is the vw 's pumpe deuse engine a common rail engine?what is tdi engine?the tata cars also have tdi badging on them why? the swift,sx4,indigo,polo and passat have a turbocharger? 4. why turbocharged engine need to be idled before starting off and before turning the engine off? many owners/drivers do not follow this. what harm does this not following exatly does?
  4. third row in the xylo is cavernous and comfortable no doubt... but of the innova is worth a doubt especially when it comes to adults....the last row is shallow than the others and it feels suffocating at least in the basic trim... i feel so sad that such a brilliant vehicle like the innova has such bugs....just a small amount of engineering would settle the matters... third row in the xylo is not shallow and sits higher than the front two rows ....
  5. you need to get a car without feeling like a ''TAXI DRIVER'' i never blamed xylo or innova.i just lament that there are not enough options available out there...
  6. it feels that companies[at least in india] do not seriosly consider for a proper 8 seater car which would not spoil somebodys status immensely. except for the brilliant xylo and the innova many family movers lack the space seriously in the third row.we were eagerly waiting for the aria but were dissapointed by the lack of third row seating it offers. companies should seriously consider at increasing the interior space . even the base innova models feel suffocating at the third row. so what we want is a 4*4 family mover with ample space. now you would say that joint families are a rare thing but i think that a family of 5 should travel in comfort over long distances when needed and the vehicle should have enough room so as to allow stretch your legs comfortably during night journies... even huge suvs seriously lack the space of a third row...why this so? ------ Please capitalise properly. Read the rules. Neither your post nor the title has a single capital. Two back to back posts combined. Mods sgiitk2011-07-14 03:41:04
  7. they should really tweak the engine to have more feel....otherwise this bike simply rocks
  8. stuntmania underground really sucks then...older one was far far better....
  9. @winner48 i am not against stunting .i am against the way the show is casted over tv...i like its concept....but the showmakers dont use the concept as it should have been... they are just behind getting those trp numbers, it feels
  10. the mtv stuntmania is by far the most silly show shown on tv about automobiles today.i blame this show for generating chocolate heroes doing silly things on the doubt it increased the pulsar sales but the show is not at all entertaining . it entertains the chocolate heroes. come on man this show is ruining the charm of what the pulsar name least what it used to... Please Capitalise properly. You risk being banned. read the rules - MODS sgiitk2011-07-12 09:42:05