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  1. The last round of the F1 championship in Bahrain was soooo boring!! The only respite was Kimi's move on Glock, which was the only bit of racing we saw all afternoon, except maybe Button on Hamilton earlier on. At this rate, all the new F1 venues are going to fall flat. Can't bear to imagine what Delhi could be like in 2011....
  2. i think there should be a sizeable jump up from any junior racing series to formula 1. in the past it was always like that. GP2 is an idea whose time has come and passed. the performance of a GP2 car is close to that of an F1 car, which isn't the best thing really. to separate the men from the boys, F1 cars should be a big challenge to drive fast, like it used to be with F3. there's been world series, F3000 and what not earlier. i think the FIA would do well to have a limited numb er of single-seater series.
  3. jet airways has a special promotional offer going on . you can get a return ticket to bahrain for just 17,400 bucks all inclusive.
  4. all ol' bernie wants is money. soon, it will become the middle-east F1 championship. you'll see: there will be races in every middle-east emirate / country. so , soon there will be races in bahrain, abu dhabi, saudi arabia, dubai, etc etc. and bernie will become richer and the sport will become poorer
  5. the GP2 series is fast turning into a graveyard of F1 wannabes. Lucas di Grassi, Bruno Senna, Giorgio Pantano are all twiddling their thumbs or driving elsewhere. and the GP2 asia series has turned into a lame excuse of a championship. with F2 resurrected, there's every chance it could soon spell the death knell for GP2
  6. the Indian National Rally Championship has a new promoter, who are working hard to put the sport on TV. this is what has been lacking for some time now. there's also a big-ticket title sponsor in the running too. i think the INRC wil finally get the coverage and exposure it needs.
  7. Richard Branson's Virgin brand did appear on the BGP 001. Isn't it more than slightly ironic that a team with 'Virgin' branding secured a front-row lock-out in quali and a 1-2 in the race? You can't script something like that, and the word play is just too funny!
  8. ross brawn has bought honda. 20 cars on the grid. yaay! and barrichello and button get to remain on the grid. mercedes will supply engines and kers. so basically the car will be a mish mash of brawn's engineering ideas, brought to life by the eternally loyal barrichello, and raced by jenson button. but let's not discount 'Brawn GP' (stupid name) just yet. i think it's the first time in the hiostory of F1 that a factory team has gone private, and not the other way around! ross and his brawny boys are sure to make a fight of it. what do u guys think? will brawn gp be absolute tail-enders, or will that distinction remain force india's ?
  9. look what's so cool in rallying otherwis. proton, i mean malaysian nationalised car maker proton, went to ireland and kicked some butt. that too with a super 2000 car. and then there's skoda with the fabia in the intercontinental rally challenge. again, a very impressive debut for the car. so while its terribly sad to lose mnufacturers, especially a legend like subaru, there's still others who are coming in. and when VW finally gets into the WRC, if at all, it'll get eve more interesting.
  10. P_One

    Car of the Year

    i think it will be i20, although u are not having that in the list for voting purposes. but otherwise it will be being the honda city. what a car!
  11. my first ride was on bicycle. i was pedalling. it must have been really really long long ago types because i am not remembering now when was first time i was riding the bike. first time i rode motorbike with engine and gears was sometime when i was around 12 years of age.
  12. cruisers don't sell coz u can't corner the bloody things. with a wheelbase which goes from kutch to kathmandu and stupidly rakes forks and soggy suspension, they are nothing more than hopeless heaps which can only go straight. and in india u need a nimble bike. so they are stupid to ride in our traffic. and they are costing more and giving less mileage also. so why will they be selling? of course we don't like cruiser bikes
  13. what fun! suzuki has brought the new busa to india and also the intruder. next year honda will be bringing the cbr 1000 and maybe even the cb if we are lucky. now bajaj is buying more of ktm so we will see more of that also. and yamaha toh are already here. i think india is finally going to be seeing a big bike revolution. with our beautiful countryside and improving roads, i think we bikers will have more opportunites to be riding more and enjoying it also.
  14. he's all gas and no go. what's he done for indian motorsport anyway? not a rupee has gone into his beloved country. i think there should be a media blackout on the guy. P_One2008-12-24 11:08:51
  15. guys, volkswagen has introduced a common-rail diesel motor in the passat. i guess this means we'll slowly see a move away from pump deuse technology throughout the vee-dub range. there's a story on the home page.
  16. ummm...as much as F1 is a great spectacle and brilliantly marketed and all that...i think F1 is a bit lame nowadays...rallying is far more 'real' if u get what i mean...the cars, the drivers, the conditions...F1 ha become too much of a tamasha now
  17. i think lewis is a derving champion...massa just doesn't seem world champ material
  18. Vee-Dub wants to bring the Polo Cup and the Formula ADAC Masters single-seater series to India! Maybe even Formula 3. With the Indian Grand Prix in 2011, this is the best time to begin with a good feeder seies, which can run as a support race to F1. I think it is one of the bets things to happen to Indian Motorsport in a long, long time. Plus of course Volkswagen's Dakar campaign...the Raid de Himalaya will be the perfect event for VW. Can you imagine a race Touareg at full blat in the mountains?!
  19. naren kumar has finished 11th in Acropolis rally, Greece, touted to be the toughest event of the year. it was his first outing, and he was the only subaru driver to finish. i think it was a great drive from him. he had problems with the brakes, fuel pump and turbo issues, but he still kept going. he really knows how to nurse a car home. and best of all, he set the fourth fastest time on the last stage! i'm sure he can score points in the next round in turkey.
  20. reduction in import duties for steel and cement benefit the economy directly because a developing country needs infrastructure. fuel subsidies are a separate, political issue - as much as the points u put across are valid. it will never happen, not in the age of coalition politics and a misguided pro-socialist system. taxation - yes, that is a sticky point, more for our government than anybody else. what we really really need is accountability of tax payers' money. the government should be required to provide a detailed balance sheet of the previous year at every budget, which should be vetted by parliament. as much as they'd like to confuse it with fancy terms and numbers, it will have to add up in simple balance sheet math: income vs expense, and a bill of expense for every naya paisa spent. and while we're at it, let's pass an act which states that corruption = treason, and punishable by death. and hang a few of these *******s.
  21. this was a paisa vasool team. minimum expenditure, maximum impact. bang for your buck. poor, but popular, super aguri won many fans the world over. sato's daredevilry and ant davidson's occasional sneakiness was always fun to watch. who can forget sato shanghaiing alonso...wow! gotta be one of THE moves last season. sadly, like all good things, even this must end. but let it not. what if every true blue racing fan contributed a bit...not a lot, just what they could afford, do u think we could get aguri back in business?
  22. "pious champions" ?????? eeeee......people, no F1 champion was ever "pious"!!!!!!!! alonso - NO schumacher - hahaahha senna - not a hope prost - typically gallic knife-in-the-back mansell - "i'm from GREAT britain...the world is mine. mine!" kimi - "shut up and pass me the bottle" lauda - "how much are u willing to pay me?" hunt - "F*** off" as for all the world champions past, how many of us actually ever saw them race?
  23. @ darklord alonso's definitely displayed more than enough character to be called a champion. when the fia suddenly decided that renault's mass damper was illegal, he still came back from that to win the c'ship, despit the renault team having to burn the candle at both ends to make the car competitive again. then last season, he definitely got mclaren up to speed. his claim that he brought six-tenths to the team might have seemed like a tall claim, but fact is, the minute he left, mclaren have been in a nose dive. look what's happening now that he's back at renault....they're competitive again. he nearly put it on pole in catalunya, and everybody said he was running on fumes, which is not true. he pitted on lap 15. by contrast, lewis and company have been w@nk!ng off it seems. hamilton is a bloody good driver, but can he lead the car's development? i don't think so.... P_One2008-05-05 08:14:44
  24. even super agrui will hang around..they might tool about at the back of the grid, but they'll stay in F1. sato is a super popular driver, and the team too are the ultimate underdogs. i for one, love the team. and i love the way they go for it every race. but that's besides the point. F1 needs 22 cars at least. a team leaving F1 will be negative for the sport as a whole.
  25. hey everybody! sidvin has taken up the title sponsorship for the INRC. and they plan to spend money to improve the game and make it more professional. this is a new dawn for indian rallying. let's hope things scale up from now. after all we have an indian team in the PWRC ! i think whoever really shines on the domestic rallying scene should get the oportunity to drive for team sidvin india in the PWRC. P_One2008-05-01 08:26:58