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  1. But how about the diesel Getz? those who like its interiors should go for it as the best diesel hatch in terms of engine specs....
  2. Guys, Getz CRDi is already in the market. its carrying same 1.5 lit Verna engine, so is worth a look... only thing is there are no verients and is no match (in terms of interiors) with top end petrol option... I havent taken any test rides nor visited the dealer to check more but verna disel is doing good so hopefully this shld be worth...
  3. Aveo 1.6 petrol has horrible city mileage.... my friend who uses it gets roughly 8/9 in city. and 12 on hghway
  4. was there any news on the Skoda Fabia????
  5. Hey guys, Did anyone go there? hows the exp? any news on the upcoming cars in 1st quarter of 2008? cheers, Hri
  6. Hi Priya, here is the simple theory behind octane numbers -- "Petrol's octane rating is a measurement of the fuel's ability to resist engine knocking. Knock occurs when the fuel-air mix in the cylinder explodes instead of burning in a controlled way. This shockwave moves within the combustion chamber, and creates a metallic 'pinging' sound. Thus an octane rating is often referred to as an 'anti-knock index'. If fuel has a high octane number, it will have a higher resistance to engine knocking." So to answer your question, it won impact engine if you upgrade and start using high octane petrol... only point i wld suggest is make sure you are almost empty when change fuel octane... Cheers,
  7. Hi, The new sedan from Maruti on the swift platform is worth waiting for if you like the design (i personally didnt). U can check pics on the net for this car its expected by March. Otherwise there is no sedan worth spending in the prise range you mentioned.