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  1. Thanks for the replies folks... I am sticking to 350cc... This meets most of my requirements...
  2. Along with this I also have an option of classic 500cc brand new bike. One of my friend has opted not to buy this bike. So wanted to positives of 500cc over 350cc apart from cost and mileage... Bit confused which to go for now ...
  3. Thanks a lot Ramesh... I have planned to go ahead with the ride in two days 250kms each with regular breaks inbetween. Will get my oil changed after 250kms to ensure that scrapped metal particles get removed along with the oil. I will also try varying the speed from 40 to 50 kmph...
  4. Hi Bikers, I had booked a classic 350cc from Belguam 6 months ago. The problem is that I stay in Bangalore and this place where I have booked my bike is 500Kms from Bangalore. So is it safe for the bike to be riden for 500kms without first service. I plan to do it with regular breaks in a day or may be break the ride into two days with 250kms each. I have spoken to the seller and he is not ready to give a delivery to Bangalore. What do you people think is best for the bike.