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    Cypejamyday reacted to kravireddy in Nissan Terrano - Locking Glitch   
    Hello All!
    I've had the new Nissan Terrano XV Premium (D) for over 3 weeks now and really like the vehicle a lot. The only glitch i found in the car (apart from several niggles highlighted in Autocar's review) is that the car does not lock itself automatically while being driven. I followed the step-by-step instructions in the manual and even took it to the Nissan dealership who expressed their inability since all Terranos delivered thus far have the same problem. They just don't lock automatically while the car is in motion! I even reported the same on Nissan's service call.
    I request Autocar to follow up with Nissan so that this issue may be fixed for all Terranos to give a complete peace of mind in not worrying about whether the doors are locked or not!!!
    Ravi Reddy
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    Cypejamyday reacted to FuelRunGod in Member Posts & Threads   
    Of late I've been noticing, the forum is being flooded with a lot of frivilous posts and threads. And it is not only the new members but many active and old members who are also responsible. The least I expect from the members is to atleast do a search before they post up.

    There are so many similar threads and posts floating about the forum which makes the task of the support team harder everyday. Members are creating threads without even thinking. How does a car query end up in the bikes section is beyond me. I urge all the members to take time out before posting and creating new threads.
    From now on, please be informed, I will personally delete any post which I find unfit and non-value adding without any prior warning. Similar threads will not be merged, but deleted. Please help us keep this community clean and user friendly. Thanks.
    Autocar Forum Support TeamFuelRunGod2008-10-15 12:52:12