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  1. That is the approximate yearly comprehensive service plan cost of owning a Mercedes. Well the cost is too high. Some years back Autocarindia magazine had compared the spares and services cost of major car players in India. Problem with the service centres here is they all are happy to replace a defective parts instead of repairing it as customers are paying. The cost involved is exorbitant. If you attached to your car then take it to the multi car repair centers(carnation, mahindra, carzcare etc) where the service engineers would look into the problem deeply and would try to solve it once and for all.

  2. New Honda city has come with fuel efficient Amaze engine. Why the new cars aren't fitted with less heat producing LED indicators bulbs and why do we have to buy same from local shops (normally chinese). The bulbs(turn indicators, reverse lights, brake lights) fitted in new cars are Toshiba make, why Honda can't arrange fuel efficient LEDs? Why new cars aren't pre fitted with pollen filters & by the time they improvise our car's evaporators coils would get choked with the dirt, fibres, mud etc and even the dealer workshop manager has no clue on this topic??

  3. The problem with the Honda dealer staff in Thane is that they do not know much about the matter not mentioned in the manual. For example the Honda has not provided any pollen filter/ pre evaporator filter(for AC) in Amaze, nor they have mentioned anything in their manual. I checked myself and found that the slot is sealed and the filter would fit it would be 215mm x 190mm x 15mm approximately. Now I cannot even ask the Honda to provide me with the filter as it would affect my warranty terms as I had dismantled the blower unit -_- -_- .

  4. I replied to your questions few days back but they weren't posted, I don't know why !! I own 2006 Wagon R fully maintained by me and gives an average of seventeen to eighteen km to litre. In October this year got myself a H Amaze diesel.

  5. Dear Diptansu, Hi! Cool down man. Why you want to buy a car from a company with cheat dealers. These car dealers are mostly politicians. So best thing you can do is do not go for Renaults but before going for the it, get your refund and then inform the Renaults(parent company) with the reason of not buying a Renault. Next time do some research in some forums/ your friends before paying any money to a party.

  6. I am from Thane and a car enthusiast. I would like to things, with precision. I try to maintain my car on my own, be it changing the bearing of the wheels. I love Autocar as their verdict isn't influenced by the car manufacturer, till now.

  7. In our home, the air conditioner(Air con.) has a air filter which we get it cleaned regularly so that the cooling coil(evaporator) remain clean, efficient cooling and remains germ free. In our cars it takes only 30 days for the car's cooling coil(evaporator) to get dirty.

    As soon as you buy a new car or in your present car, get a air con.cabin/pollen filter to increase the cooling efficiency. Clean cooling coils will eventually bring down the petrol/diesel oil consumption.

  8. Cold air is Heavier than hot air, we all agree to that, why? because the mass in the cold air per unit volume is more than in hot air. When engine performance is taken at low temperatures then the more quantity of air is available for combustion as compared to the hot air.