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  1. Of late, I notice a hissing noise when going over small humps keeping the windows pulled down. First when the front wheel goes over and then when the rear wheel passes over it. Does it indicate any problem/leaks from the suspension ? Any idea ?
  2. For Petrol Polos can we get the under-bonnet insulation that comes for Polo TDIs' ?? so that we can reduce some noise
  3. I only see a change in wheel cover. Previously it was expensive press on wheel cover with shining crome logo at the centre. But now i see a bolt on wheel cover with less shiny logo in the centre.(Though the picuture is not clear enough to check its quality. Though if it is a bolt on than better becuase it will hold the wheel firmly .Another thing that the present wheel cover costs 1650/- each. And customers complaint like anything about its pricing so its obvious if they have done it to reduce price. I understand that this hatch has costly parts but it pays to get quality. After driving my polo for last 05 months, I can say that you won't find such quality in any other hatch in india even Jazz can not give this level of quality. I went to the showroom today regarding some misprints in my smartcard. There I saw a new polo up-close the new wheel cap. The logo at the centre is an embossed one and looks quite dull as you said. Also the chrome strips on the gearshift knob is totally stripped off! It completely black now. Looked very ugly.
  4. Suycity Of course for a new entrant like VW, selling 2500+ polos is a good start. But compare it with an outdated swift selling 12000 Nos per month. When Suzuki started out here some decades back, it was not even a well recogonised car manufacturer, their major bussiness being only two wheelers. They are enjoying their monopoly today because of their patience. I am also a proud VW polo owner. But I feel VW should show a better attitude to customers, which is reflecting in their dealerships. When I asked the salesmans suggestion whether to choose the trendline or comfortline, he simply asked me to go home, decide and comeback...... Only my liking for the car made me to go for it. I am sure a majority of them would simply walk out and go for a maruti/hyundai. Even technically, the 1.2 TSI engine was not used in India, even as an option. VW need to change its attitude.
  5. Yes. I also saw the ad. Looking at the checkboxes in the ad, I too believe we can choose any one. But I reckon, the cost of all options would be more or less same. Another info I heard from the dealer is that for the free AMC, the consumables and spares will be charged and only the labour is free. Not sure about this since I heard this from the dealer :-)
  6. Yes. That is correct. These dealers tell different things each and every time. That is why I contacted VW cust care. But nobody in cust care even know about this offer !!! One guy even asked me what the full form of AMC is. Such is their pathetic cust care. When I insisted I need first hand information from VW, they were helpless. Even writing to German customer care doesnt seem to help. Another update is my 2DIN HU which I bought from the dealer stopped working. After four days of harassing and dragging the issue, they finally pointed to take my car to a audio service center, where it will be serviced under warranty. There they found a PCB was completely destroyed due to some short circuit and replaced the whole HU under warranty.
  7. yes. it should be eligible. Ask your dealer about this. I dont understand why these dealers are trying their best to avoid this amc, as if they are paying out of their pocket! @ashikawa, why do they say its the invoice date. My point of view is the delivery date as that is the start of the odometer kms. and service shedule of 365 days. Also what if the invoice is prepared well in advance? as the registration can happen only with invoice, but still the car may not be ready to be delivered. Just posting my views.......
  8. I too had this engine warning light glowing within a week of my car delivery. As I didnt go through the manual regarding this, I called up my sales consultant in elite motors to ask what that is. That fellow simply told me it has has to glow when the ignition is on !!!!!! Within another day, I felt severe jerking of the car as the engine gets warmer. As it got more severe, I realised it was some misfiring in the engine. Immediately called the RSA and sent the vehicle to vw downtown. They took 4 days for resolving the problem. They were reluctant to tell what was the cause of the problem. Finally on insisting they accepted there was misfiring in cylinder 1 and engine needed software update which they have done and working fine now. Could it be possible that I too had the problem with cylinder head ?
  9. Hi Ashikawa, I got my polo delivered on 1st of June. When I asked about this free amc offer, they told its applicable only from 15th June. After seeing your post I enquired VW customer care. After a fortnight they transferred my query to my dear dealer who misguided me at first. Now they say this offer is valid for cars sold from 1st June. But since my invoice is dated 26th May and registration done on the same day, I cannot be benefitted from this. This is what they say. My warranty card clearly says the date of sale as 1st June. So what does the actual condition say ? Is it the invoice date or the delivery date ? Please let me know.