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  1. I own a Galaxy S 2 and it really is the best smartphone right now in everythign. I like it a lot because of the customization i can do with it, just like I love Windows and hate Macs.
  2. Not really, never used/tried any of those but do worry what will happen to them now. I have had bad experiences with Tata and Mahindra thats all.
  3. Hehe don't get me wrong. I like what Tata did with Aria, looks good and interiors are nice as well. But I just don't trust the engines and quality of Tata and Mahindra.
  4. I have read good reviews of Yeti but like the X1 it doesn't look like a proper SUV. I don't like Tata or Mahindra.
  5. If I buy a car for 60 lacs and after 3 years expect to sell for atleast half the price, then whats the diff if i am already getting it for half and after 3 years i don't get anything? I read in the newspaper all the service and maintenance will be covered by Merc. Can I claim depreciation on it?
  6. Post deleted: One word reply. You are advised to go through the Announcements section before proceeding further. BornFree2011-07-22 08:05:58
  7. Thanks for your replies guys. I think I will stick with a diesel SUV so CRV is not an option. I don't really like Fortuner, Endeavor, Captiva, want something different. I have been to the US and already own a Honda Pilot there and have seen the new Pajero, just wonder why they keep selling the 10 yr old model here. So I guess i'll go with Santa Fe as the X1 is not a proper SUV. As for the X-Trail, I don't know if its better. I think its service and parts will be costlier than the Santa Fe.
  8. Hi guys, I am planning to buy a SUV of around 25 lacs. I am considering between Outlander, Santa Fe or X1. Outlander is petrol only but lot features and cheaper, Santa Fe is a bit pricey but best specs of all and X1 is not a proper SUV and more costly but a BMW. What do you guys think? I am thinking of Santa Fe but am confused. Any other options? Thanks.