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  1. Post deleted: Useless one-liner. BornFree2011-08-12 18:34:13
  2. Thanks Bala! Would def post the ownership experience after 1000kms!!
  3. Friends I have finally bought ANHC S variant at a cost of 8.5 Lacs. The dealer provided me with 3 accessories as gift namely Foot Mats, Seat Cushion, Car Cover. Also they gave me free bumper to bumper comprehensive protection(insurance add-on) that costs over Rs 5000. Overall the buying experience is a happy one. The color of the car is Urban Titanium which is brand new offering from Honda. Before the discounts announced by Honda the same car along with the freebies etc would have cost me over 9.5 Lacs, so i think it is a good Value for Money. Comparing it with the New Hyundai Verna Fluidic that one of my friend has bought recently, my ANHC looks way beyond in terms of build quality. Also, Korean cars seem to have this habit of wearing down and feeling loose after being driven for over 50,000 kms as they simply cannot match the engineering and quality of their Japanese counterparts. No offences here, no hard feelings but Hyundai is a copycat!!
  4. @ Vipul: The on-road price difference b/w E and S variants is 70k. Is it advisable now? Also, how much would the Bridgestone Turanza cost in exchange for the Honda fitted 175/65 R15?
  5. @Durango: Although Swift VDI is an awsome machine to drive, it does carry substantial upkeep costs. Though the upkeep costs were not an issue. I my view, the driving pleasure of a Petrol Car could not be matched by a Diesel Car. Also, i drove Swift VDI just over 50,000 kms in over 3 years which did not bring a good ROI over a petrol engine as i paid over 1 lac more as cost of ownership and the maintenance alone brought the difference of diesel and petrol costs near to each other. So i think unless you drive thousands of km every month, petrol engine should be a wise option irrespective of the fuel price.
  6. Thanks Everyone for your suggestions. I am going to book a Honda City S tomorrow. Hope its a wise choice. @TSiVipul: Vipul thanks for suggesting E variant, but i test drove it yesterday, it misses the body colored bumpers, handles, music system etc and to find a replacement in the after market is not a wise choice. I am going in for a S variant which has many more features. It would be great if you could suggest the make and model of the best suited tyres for the ANHC.
  7. I think New Honda CR-V Automatic is a good bet under 25 L. Just give it a TD. Fortuner has a good body but many of my friends who bought a it have poor overall experience. As for Captiva and Outlander, they r simply not in 'that league'. The best thing about X1 is that it has a BMW tag, though it lags in every other aspect when compared to the rest. Another monster of an SUV in this price band is Ford Endeaver but it doesn't have that sedan like driving pleasure that CR-V gives. I would suggest you TD a CR-V and decide.
  8. Hi Vipul Can you confirm the exact price for Civic Tyres in exchange for Brand New City Tyres?
  9. Hello Friends! I am new to this forum. I am planning to buy a new mid segment car. Earlier i used to drive a MS Swift vdi and it was an awesome machine but now i want to upgrade to a big car and my budget is 8-9 L for a Petrol Car as i avg. 50km per day. I have shortlisted New Honda City, Hyundai Verna Fluidic, VW Vento Petrol and MS SX4 Petrol. Kindly help me find the best.