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  1. I have driven each and every one of these cars and i liked the Brio's drive best. I am considering the i10 grand as well but shifting to first gear everytime i near a speedbreaker gets really annoying Are there Airbags...? Airbags are available in the top ends of both the brio and the i10 grand I liked the car and am considering it instead of the original i10
  2. i wouldnt want to take a used car. my first car was a used car and it was not a good experience
  3. we already own a swift dzire...that was why i wasnt looking into it too much and i will...thank you for the info
  4. Whats your Budget - Rs 6.5 L...maybe 7 if its good enough Kms driven monthly - 150-180 kms Bodyshell - Hatch City/Highway split - 180:0 Max No.of Passangers - __4___ most of the time its just me or someone with me Boot space Importance - low Usage by - normal.....but i go on a lot of joyrides Ownership - city Safety - medium Prime requirement - i require a car that performs well in the city. power is something i care a lot about. the handling needs to be great and it needs to look good to say the least. i would like a car with a great resale value because i plan on selling it in 12 or 18 months.the back seats dont need to be really great. Softcorner'd Manufacturer - i considered the brio and the i10 a lot but i was informed that neither of these cars have a good resale value. so i'm back to the start. i was hoping you could suggest some cars and if i liked what they had to offer i would test drive them. i'm looking to buy within about 2 weeks at the latest