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  1. i agree with durango,I have also seen people at a toyota dealership when we were taking the delivery of a corolla saying "sir we bought an etios and as toyota does,it will have the quality nearly as good as at least innova and space is really nearly as good as corolla"!
  2. @friends i am also a gaming freak,but at the time I was about to buy a good expensive laptop my friend advised me to get a desktop made for me and for about 48k i gnt a hardcore gaming deski. Also a laptop can never match the gaming experience of a desktop. mine has a good 1 GB ATI graphic card,an AMD athlon processor,5.1 speakers and a really big 21 inches TFT....and this display plus sound combo can make you forget any laptop.
  3. in my views,etios is still a market leader and if it has some quality problems then it has space,FE and performance advantage.. i havent yet found any crying owner.
  4. well,i would advise to go for LAURA TSI any day because it may be less on features but has an unbelievable performance.
  5. Happy Independence say from me also. Its really very pathetic to see that none of our friends are interested in even this.. wow,its independence day and the thread has just two comments...better is less said.
  6. Post deleted: Double Post. BornFree2011-08-13 04:04:44
  7. Here are some exterior pics of the car,interiors will be posted later,its a metallic blue color:-
  8. Friends here is a good news for you people,as well as me too. Many of you may have read in the newspapers of last two days that there may be a good price cut on the petrol either on or after 15th august. Well,yesterday talked to one of my sources and got it confirmed that due to the lowering of crude prices in international market,petrol prices may see a cut of anything about 7-12 rs..WHAT A GOOD NEWS IT IS.. Post edited, Thread created. Note from ACI-Support: Create Topics with clear Titles & content. BornFree2011-08-12 18:28:45
  9. I hope Honda offers a 1.5 too,if yes then my City is going to see the pain of partition. the car shown above looks great and if the price will be the above mentioned then the best hatchback in india will be now better than the best. why to merge this thread,this beauty deserves a separate thread for itself.
  10. Two days back chcked the mid variant tata aria 4x2 and I can say that this is the best car available at the price,it just lacks 6 airbags and traction control.Rst it has everything better than innova,scorpio or safari.
  11. I am with rahul1810,it is a fact that maruti knows out market better than others and hence the cars they produced are really very competitive and value for money. Which manufacturer provides the cars of the same level at the maruti's price?
  12. Friends ABS really works great on the bike,i too have ridden the pulsar mentioned above many times and i can say that the ABS is really great,only problem is the the ABS installed on the pulsar is an older model,so it is very expensive and also works only on the front disc,now a days you can get one at about half the price,with same quality and both discs coverage too. My advice,if you go for ABS on bike then get the rear disc installed too if your bike has drums and then get the ABS fixed.
  13. Varun varma I have been using the honda city from last 3 months,mine is a pre-cost deduction one so the 'S' costed me 10.28 lacs on-road meerut.But what my point is that,i too took a checklist with me and when i started checking,no fault was found...SO NO NEED OF ANY CHECKLIST,JUST GO AND GET YOUR CITY. Yes,I remember,be strict on finishing,if you find something wrong with leather seats,then complain.
  14. This guy owns cars or multi-brand car company...this is the biggest as well as most insane car collection i have ever read. he may be a true speed freak.
  15. i think now a days swift sets the benchmark for a good hatchback and hence everything is compared to it.
  16. big tyres,big grill,nice headlamps...damn,this is a untrue pic from this SRK design again.I don't believe this design as if it will be made,then it cannot be of 3.5 lacs or even 4.5 lacs and if it will be there for this price then this design is not possible. even our economy-king maruti too cant do this wonder.
  17. I have seen he car in front of my eyes and checked it from inside also.i can say that if you dont think of the small engine,then the car is having a luxury feel.the wood used looks good and new front grill also looks very good. Just enjoy dear,see you will be the first on the forum to have this car,and share its experience.What i want is to see you on the steering wheel as soon as possible and post here your driving experience too.
  18. here is a discount of 30000+9000 on the Alto LXI.
  19. gautam Why dont you go for an innova? It handles good,has good ride,FE is good and maintainance is also minimum. you can buy it with assurance that this is the best thing in 4X2 on the roads.
  20. hector I myself dont own a laura but my firend does,his car has returned from a long trip of kanpur which was about 1200 kms long todays afternoon,I saw the mileage and the car is showing about 15200 kms and the car was bought in january and i find that the AC is working well with no complains yet,re-confirmed it from his driver too just now.
  21. We also own two multi-brand tyre dealerships and if you reside near meerut/dehradun/delhi then i can get you turanzas or any other tyres of your choice at a good price...
  22. Is beat too available in LPG? if yes,then it is really better to get a lpg fitted beat as compared to a santro because it performs better on lpg just like spark. Else my opinion will also be same as others..STRICTLY SANTRO. cant you include i10 in your list..
  23. active ash I have two Innovas,one xylo and one safari in my firend circle and what i have always seen is that only the innova owners never complain but are happy,one of my friend's innova V has even covered 72000 kms as i drove it just yesterday and the car still feels and rives like it used to be when new and with extremely cared and cleaned interiors the car feels great. Since Xylo is cheaper than innova so you can go for it and it is also very comfortable and has a ride even better than innova.You can anyday go for the xylo.
  24. college has reopened today and now it has become difficult to spare time for this forum too,i have a tution too so its really tough...lets see what is in future,but i will be a constant member and try my best to login daily.
  25. creativebala If indians are not accepting volkswagen cars then why are they selling. their cars are good,we also have a polo 1.6 in our turf and the car is better than anything..i think you are wrong.