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  1. I have New WagonR with ABS, between Navsari-Surat, i manage to reach 120km/hr, but by Toyota Liva vx, in Mumbai-Pune express highway easily 140km/hr...comparing both cars RPM at speed above 100km/hr, its huge difference...Liva wins against wagonR...
  2. I have New WagonR VXI with ABS from Sep 2011, now 6 months observation, i know following: 1) Engine needs to be at 80 degree Celsius then only it give 950RPM which is standardized by Maruti Company. (This fact told me by Maruti Authorized service center's Mechanics/technician) 2) When i start vehicle at morning(in Maharashtra so weather is not so cold), & there are 2 conditions 1. If i not move vehicle & wait without keep pressing accelerator:- RPM stable at 1500 till first 30 sec, then till 4Min 45 sec it keeps same & after that it goes down at 1000, till 7-8 min it keeps same then after that it comes below 1000 which we should be consider as 950. 2. If i start moving/traveling within 30sec ignoring RPM etc,keeping trip meter at 0, till 1.5 to 2km, RPM keeps at 1500, then it goes down at 1000 but above the mark, & after 3rd km it goes down below 1000. (i stop vehicle at each km reading & using neutral gear with hand break & without pressing accelerator) Now my question is 1) what is ideal/general reading of RPM? 2) At different speed with different loads but on same road/altitude what should be RPM?(eg on Pune-Mumbai express highway from Khopoli to Panvel which almost on same plane/altitude)(1. only driver in car, 2. 1passanger + driver,3. 4 passanger+driver 4.4 passenger+driver+bags which fill the ****y)(60km/hr,70km/hr,80km/hr....)(Gear should be same means 5th or detailed with different gear if possible) Please help me to get knowledge...
  3. This is my first reply on forum/discussion on autocarindia. I am going to purchase Maruti Suzuki WagonR VXI(ABS)(M) with exchange of Maruti 800 Dec 1996 model, tomorrow. After very big research of hatchback cars which under 5-6lacs like Ford Figo(Most award wining car but low height driving) ,Skoda fabia (Nice features but Back seat not folding),Volkswagen Polo(Great performance but less boot/leg space),Hundai i10(Great features in less price,but some thing missing),i20(Best part is Safest car in hatchback 4 wheels disk break with ABS, but little bit costly),Toyota Liva(First time if we look then we got influence of it, but after thinking/observing we got its negative points), Honda jazz(great luxury, but too costly)..etc etc I some how convince my parents that AC,Music system, Side mirrors operation by electronically, power window etc features are not require as ABS & Airbags. Actually car should be front rear disk break with ABS & not only driver/passenger(front) airbags but also rear passengers also. As per dinakaranonline ask about ABS/Airbag & many other answers/quoted/reply on ABS/Airbag. "very few people opt for safety features as their main requirement." & TSiVipul share own experience regarding this. Alas in India safety is not major marketing point but luxury is most. Now my new 2 question is feature called 'Overdrive', is really in Suzuki engines? Why many car comparison website shows ABS, EBD, Traction control as a separate feature?