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  1. With the new swift launch...and reduction in prices of Honda confused about which car to buy...presently i own Swift LXI.... What should be the next upgrade...considering limited parking space, good fuel economy, and aspirational value over current car... Note from ACI-Support: Use the search option before creating new threads. Similar threads already exist, please continue discussions there. Avoid the use of "...." within sentences. Thread clesed. BornFree2011-08-26 10:02:38
  2. The best thing that happened to both Maruti and Indian Consumer. I still remember middle of 2005, when Swift was launched, it was amazing at the word go.....and since then no car has a history of waiting period till discontuniation..... this is something, that even Maruti did not anticipated...THough this car had typical Maruti Rattles...but still one look at the car and i was sold compeltely on buying this thing.... Now the new one....benchmark raised higher.... Look at competition: character, Ritz: Good car for decent people I20: for those who dont want to buy Swift(thinking that its too common) common even Iphone sells in millions!!!!! Polo- Only outer looks, though great character.. Figo---common....which century design...God knows.... Great car...wish i could attend the launch party...