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  1. what will be the cost of yokohama a drive for my polo and in exchange
  2. I have booked a polo 1.6 and would like all polo owners to write their personal experience. the pros and cons.
  3. vw dealer says they dont sell polo with appolo tyre anymore due to some problem of wheel alignment. is it true, a sethi when did u get ur polo delivered. i do not wish to spend 15k on tyres but are apollo and jk good for ride comfort?
  4. i am planning to buy a vw polo. i've heard from many about the average sound quality of the speakers in the vw polo. should i change the front speakers and put polk db 6501 will i get good bass and sq in front and rear because of the tweeter. and what will be the price of the polk components in mumbai. i have only heard them once and i liked the sound quality.
  5. guyz i hv booked a white polo 1.6. i m worried as the new polo comes with jk tyre n not appolo acelere will this make any difference in the ride quality and my brother says that the polo 1.6 is not fuel efficient and gives 8-9 kmpl in city and highway.