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  1. i too have all of the questions above but the difference is I've got Mahindra Xylo D2
  2. @driftpunk. Thanks for the quick reply mate. Rs.18000 is for both central locking and power windows. For power windows I asked at local accessory shop they said Rs.9000 so as the dealer. So the rest the money is for security system and central locking I guess. If I want to go for the after market system which one is good for xylo? What are the features I should look for?
  3. Hi Friends, I'm from Madurai Tamilnadu we got our new Xylo D2 2012 two weeks back as you know it come with basic immobilizer without keyless entry or central locking. I want fit a good security system with central locking and keyless entry. I asked the mahindra dealer about it and he said it would cost Rs.18000 for central locking keyless entry along with power windows for mahindra brand. he also said i have to wait for another 2 weeks for the parts to arrive to the dealership as its a new model. before i call the dealer again any suggestions i don't wanna risk my warranty and safety of my vehicle
  4. with those covers on the mini xylo looks far more nicer than the normal one, i think nobody will really care about the looks if they price it well and if it has some good features like the normal xylo. so many people are opting for xylo not for its looks but for its features.
  5. can we know when is it gonna be launched??? the news and pics of the mini xylo has been floating around for more then one year but no launch date yet