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  1. Incidently what I think car companies should do something so that very high speed is arrested for our safety. Will it be possible? Life is more important than thrill of speed. Any takers?
  2. Posting after a long time. My Verito has done 18000> and is still going strong. What I wrote earlier stands good. The car is good and FE is very good (At 46 degree outside, with full AC on, average is more than 21 Km/Ltr. Otherwise about 25 to 27 Km/Ltr) Not bad at all. The engine is a bit under powered, but I drive easy, no hurry on the road as I do not want to meet my maker before time. After 2000rpm, the car shows its teeth. Well, I tried upto 120 Km/Hr and there was no problem. At lower speeds, the car seems slow and overtaking is difficult, but after 100 Km/hr, no problem. Funny thing is this: When top speed limit is 90 Km/hr, then why to speed up. I have seen lots of accidents due to over speeding. Well those who want a good, comfortable, economical and hardy car, Verito get the first place in its segment. Happy driving.
  3. Thanks. I am collecting relevant material from all knjown sources for the manual and I would like to send the draft to persons like you who are keen motorists for suggestions and comments. I wish that people will save fuel even if they are billionairs. After all oil is national property and we have to be careful how much we use and how much we waste. Hope you also agree with me.
  4. Thanks for the comment. Yes, the average is real good. I try to avoid excessive braking and drive at a moderate speed. If we all follow some basic principles of driving, we will get good average as well as peace of mind. Incidently, I have asked by a number of my friends to write a small book on Car Care. So I will be publishing a very practical manual entitled "Car Care Manual". I hope, even the experts will derive benefit from it. Now about the photos. I have posted photos of my Verito at http://mahindralogan.forumotion.com/t814-at-last-photos-of-my-verito-d4-with-love-from-shimla. Kindly do visit and let me have your opinion. I will be posting some new photos soon. The car is three months old and has done about 4000 Kilometers. When I go out on my lecture tour, I test the capacity of this car (not speed). And I always find that Verito is a good and economical family car. For me, looks are of no consequence. It is the safety and performance alongwith comfort, which are most important. Good Luck.
  5. Good to be back again. Immediately after purchasing my Verito, I installed a parking cam from Xenos as I am also not a very good parking expert. The camera helped somewhat but still I was not very confident while parking my car. So I am going in for sensors as well. I usually get the help of someone when I park the car as a friend is more useful than all the cams and sensors. I wish the car companies could find some viable solution to the problem of parking of sedans.
  6. Nice discussion. Here is my experience with Nilfisk Power Wash marketed by Eureka Forbes. The machine is very compact and veru efficient. Maximum pressure is 100Bar which is more than enough. This machine comes with in-line filter, a Tornado Nozzle for washing under carriage, a Powerspeed nozzle for washing the body, Foam Sprayer etc. I am using this machine every week to wash my two cars and the results are excellent. The pressure is good and the car is washed and cleaned in no time. One has to be careful with Tornado Nozzle as the pressure is extreme and one can cut one's fingers. This nozzle is not to be used for wasing the painted surface as it will damage the paint. Eureka people are good in arranging demonstration and after sales service. I also use the machine for cleaning outer walls of mu house to remove dirt and other dirt. One has to take good care of this machine after use and store it peoperly. Good investment.
  7. Friends. I am happy that a number of readers of this forum and other have been soliciting my advice for buying Verito. Well! I tried to tender sane and objective suggestions and many have bought Verito. Good luck to them and congratulations. Here is my latest experience with Verito. Four days ago, I travelled a distance of 600 kilometers in my Verito D4. I passed through hill track (180 Kilometers), very bad roads of Himachal and Uttarakhand (about 70 kilometers) and rest on good highways. The car gave no problem at all and absorbed the potholes very efficiently. The average consumption of fuel came out to be 24.50 Kms/litre which is real good keeping in view the condition of the roads. I do not push the car to its limits and drive with a moderate velocity of 70 to 80 Kms/ hour. The speed limit on National Highways is 90 Kms/hour. There is some logic behind it. There is no fun in driving like a mad man being chased by a demon. Driving should be fun and an enjoyable experience. As I have said in one of my posts and all of us know very well, high speed even on Freeways does not give any significant advantage in terms of time and fuel savings. But high speed driving increases our stress level and blood pressure leading to wrong judgement (latest unfortunate case of son of Mr. Azharudin) . So drive at a moderate speed and stay healthy. Thread moved.BornFree2011-10-29 15:42:54
  8. Dear Friends. I have posted photos of Verito D4 in a post on gallery forum. Kindly do visit and let me have your observations. Thanks and Good day.
  9. Dear Durango Dude. Yes, this light colour of dashboard does have problem of reflection. Sometimes I spread a dark coloured piece of cloth, but the problem is never eliminated completely. I would love to have some viable suggestions about this matter. Thanks. Thread moved.BornFree2011-08-29 06:36:12
  10. Dear rameshbabu.n. Thanks for the nice words. Yes, this car is a good car and as I have stated in my earlier posts, I tried many good cars by other reputed companies, but then this car stole my heart. It fulfilled many criteria and I hope with Mahindra's good service and help, I will definitely have a good time with it. I also had talks with other Logan owners and all of them were fully satisfied with the performance of this car. Verito is a bit more handsome than Logan and interiors are also good. What about your Xylo as I may buy one next year for family outings. Have a niceday. (I visited Tirupati twice lone long ago. God's place. You are lucky).
  11. Thanks. this xenos monitor is only for reverse camera. I have separate GPS which I use with my Netbook for wider screen area.
  12. At Last I tried and won. Here are some photos of Verito D4 taken today. That is all for now. Hope you enjoyed. Do comment. I will upload a video soon. Good Night.
  13. Dear Sir, I tried to post the photos but all in vain. Kindly let me know how to do it inn this forum/thread. I find no problem when I post photos on other forum.
  14. Dear Friends. At last I could go out and snap some photographs. Though the weather was not good, still something is better than nothing. Hoe this gives some idea about this car. Comments are welcome. Have a good day.
  15. Thanks. I think you have saved my Rs. 12000.00.