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  1. Dear Tejasmehta990. Thanks for the post. I am happy that my posts have been able to arouse some interest in Verito. Now as to your question : Why I opted for Verito and not other cars. Let me explain. I have said elsewhere that there are a few criteria, which determine any decision that we take in life. It holds good here also. First criterion was need, second comfort, third big cabin space and boot space, and fourth price. Then next criterion could be how many people to travel at a time. This was relevant in my case. Now my need was a sedan so that I may put my small luggage in the boot instead of on the back seat of my hatchback. I wanted big cabin space so that in case my family travels with me once in a blue moon, they all should be comfortable. I wanted reasonable comfort not much as I am not used to much comfort even when people have been footing my bills of five star stay and all other incidental expenses. And they still do. That is the advantage of being a high end professional. Next was price. Though I could have spent far more on other good cars, but then my philosophy is not to waste money. What Ishopnishada says:

  2. Dear Durango Dude. Thanks for the nice words. I try to be as objective as possible so that readers may get a good objective idea about the behaviour of cars. I will try to write some more experiences frequently. Hope the readers will not get bored. Apart from my observations of cars, I would like to add some more threads relating to life and how to lead it without tension and stress. Hope you also approve it. Have a good day.

  3. Dear TsiVipul. Thanks for the reply. Yes, in fact Verito is somewhat underpowered on hills. It is a heavy car with 65 PS only. The torque is sufficient. But knowing all this, I opted for it as I travel 95% of the time all alone. Hence for a single person weighing 65 Kg., the power is sufficient. let me share a secret with you. For my family, I will buy a six seater or so (next year). Also my both sons are busy in their assignments and need their own vehicles. So I may buy a vehicle like bolero or Xylo. Not very sure. I will cross the bridge when I come to it.

    Truth is always bitter. As teacher and staunch karmakandi Pandit, our family tradition has been to be straightforward and honest. Someone has to take the risk of telling the truth. I hope readers of this forum will get used to all my sane advice and may also derive benefit from my vast experience of life. What I suggest to every one, is to use other's experiences to save time and to add some more years to their lives. This is what I did. Hope you agree.

    Age difference does not make any difference. I am 64 years but when you meet me you will find a person having variable ages from 5 years to 100 years. I face challenges (in spite of three blockages in my heart), drive a lot, lecture a lot, organise seminars, counselling sessions for teachers, parents, and other professionals etc. Yet I feel fresh and each day is a virgin day for me. That is life son. What do you say.

    I am wonder struck to note that you tried 100 KMs/Hr on Shimla Kalka highway. Well, be careful. Once I also tried to find out the limit of my Alto and pushed the car to 75 Kms/Hr for a few seconds. And then I came to my senses. Risk taking on the roads is dangerous but in walks of life, it is a boon.

    Now here is an invitation to you as well as other fellow drivers. Come to Shimla, leave your car here and come with me. Jwalaji is our family devi and we usually go there for pooja. Do come next month and we will go. Here is email ID: drkeshav@sreit.org. This way we can be in touch, if you like.

    In the end I will say that for hills, a sedan weighing about 1100 Kgs., about 90 PS of power and 200 nM of torque are must. More torque is better on hills. Driving should be fun and not something to raise our blood pressure. When you drive from Shimla to Kalka, or Shimla to Manali etc., you can enjoy the nature only when you drive a bit slow. What is the hurry? May God bless you. You have a divine friend here in Shimla.

  4. I am so happy that you have been to Shimla and know the Kalka - Shimla highway. Do come again and let us have a cup of coffee at Alfa on the Mall. I am satisfied with the performance of Verito car, though one can find many faults with even a billion rupee vehicle. Shimla is having heavy rains and I will be going out on a long drive very soon. I will write about the behaviour of this car once again.

    I enjoy this forum even if I do not find much time for such nice activities due to heavy workload. This forum will be a success if we all try to become more mature in taking valid decisions not only in the selection of a car but also in all aspects of our lives in our interest and in the interest of humanity in general. The way things are moving and young generation is becoming more and more ignorant of great values of India, fine traditions are being given back seat. Well! life is like that.

    Do post. Have a nice day.

  5. Well Said. I think I should write something more soon for the benefit of our young car owners. I am reminded of a caricature which appeared in SPAN magazine long long ago. In this two rich persons were shown trapped in a city jam in a big car. One person was telling the other that his car could do 350 miles per hour.

    I had to buy a sedan as I have to travel long distances and a small hatchback (like my faithful Alto) does not serve the purpose. In a city like Shimla, the number of cars is far more than what the roads can accommodate. Apart from this, parking facilities are missing. People have to park their cars on the sides of roads, often at a distance from their homes. Many a time, in the morning, they find tyres or even car missing. No security. I am lucky as I have personal parking space for both of my cars.

    I also have been advising my friends to invest in a car if they travel a lot. I find a vast majority of persons bought the cars, but hardly used them (Fuel prices are sky high). I find many cars parked for days on end. It is just their ego and easy finance by the banks. What can be done. It is far cheaper and easy to hire a taxi for periodical travels. When I was in the west even at that time many rich persons hired taxis and they did not have a fleet of cars which they could very easily afford. The logic was: no car no tension of management. This holds good even today. I would not have invested in the car if I was to travel not very often. For me car was an essential item.

    I hope the readers of this forum will pay heed to sane advice and help others in selecting a car, if they really need one. I wish our public transport system were excellent so that less and less persons would travel by their own cars, thus saving money, fuel and environment.

    Your comments are welcome.

  6. Dear MclanMaruti. Thanks for the comments. Yes, it is a good car though, as you have said, MM is not serious about certain finishing problem. About the indicators, I sent a mail to France, Renault people, requesting them to allow MM to correct this silly mistake.

    Being a very senior person who has seen the world (Lived in UK and USA when I was 35), I feel that one should select a car as per the need and not as per one's inflated ego. Being a University Professor, I have been conducting researches on some strange dimensions of human behaviour. One funny project was "Ego and Length of car". My results showed that Ego and length of Car have high positive correlation. How do like that? I have been advising my students to buy a car as per their need. Even if we have billions, we should be pragmatic. It is in the interest of humanity.

    My younger son was in favour of Etios, but then there was the problem of space in the back and level of noise in the cabin. Otherwise it is a good car. I test drove Linea. No doubt, it is a very nice and very good looking car, but the engine was not that powerful and three adults could not sit comfortably in the back. Again, I could have bought a real big car, but then what is the use. I travel alone most of the time with little luggage.

    Thanks again and waiting for soem suggestions.

  7. I forget to mention that rear seats are quite comfortable. There is head rest even for the middle seat. My wife, who was suffering from back pains, travelled with me and even after 6 hours of travel, she did not feel much tired and was happy with the comfort. I do not know whether I will find any opportunity to sit at the back and enjoy. Back seats can accommodate three adults with ample head and leg room. This was one more reason that I selected this car. Thanks.

  8. Dear TSiVipul,

    Thanks for the suggestions. The figures of mileage are correct. Here is my driving style, which I leant long ago from one of my best trainers. I apply brakes only when absolutely necessary. When I near a curve, I guess the distance and angle of the curve, ease the acc. pedal and let the car slow down and without applying brakes, I negotiate the curve. This is very safe especially in hills where I live. My brake pads last more than one lakh Kilometers. Astonished! Then I never drive rashly like young boys. I am 64 (but still young). My speed in hills remains between 40 to 60 Kms. per hour. In plains, I never exceed 80 Kms per hour. As you know very well, at this speed, one gets maximum mileage per litre. Apart from this, I usually travel alone or at the most with my secretary. I never load the car with unnecessary objects and try to remove all those, which are redundant. This makes the car light.

    I am careful about the quality of fuel and for the last two decades, I usually frequent two or three good fuel pumps. And most important care is proper service of the car at proper interval. I love my car as I love my own off springs. I do not know how readers will take it.

    This car Verito is like Logan but there are some subtle modifications. I will post a number of photos of interior and exterior of the car. I test drove a number of big and small cars and selected this one based on four criteria: 1. This car is very sturdy (made of thick steel), 2. Cabin space is best in its class. Car like Manza have comparatively smaller cabin space, 3. Big boot space, and 4. The price is right. I selected D4 without CD players etc. I got seat covers, Audio set up, rear webcam, two sets of mats, etc. I use Nitrogen in the tyres and I think this gas is a bit better than air.

    In the end, I would like to say that a car is for utility and not for show off. In India, even on the National Highways, one cannot drive very fast with equal amount of safety. My researches have shown that there is no significant saving in time whether one drives at high speed or at a moderate speed. You will always find that after a few kilometers, your ware forced to slow down or apply hard brakes due to traffic jam or some other reason. Life is already very fast I do not want to make it faster. Moderate driving leads to less stress and a more enjoyable driving experience. I drive a lot, more than 25000 Kilometers per year even at this age.I am careful about the quality of fuel and for the last two decades, I usually frequent two or three good fuel pumps.

    Lastly, I respect the rights of other users of the road. Please do comment and give suggestions. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day and nice drive.

  9. Thanks friend for the suggestion. I will do next time as you suggested. I will also take my GPS to find out the difference in the readings of odometer and GPS. I am planning to drive in Sep. to a number of places covering a distance of appx. 1200 kilometers. Final judgement about the performance of this car Verito will be somewhere in November/December when it completes about 6000 Kms. Any suggestions will be welcome.

    I will write again in somewhat more literary manner as is my habit. This makes reading more interesting. Thanks again for nice words. Any chances of posting write up with photographs of my journeys on the forum?

  10. I am back from long drive in Verito D4

    Friends, I am back in Shimla after driving Verito for 600 kilometers. Here is a brief report about the mileage and behaviour of the car.

    1. I started from Shimla, my hometown, on 5th August, 2011 to

    Yamunanagar, a total distance of 220 kilometers. From Shimla to Kalka, (85 kilometers) the road is hilly with sharp curves and speed driving is not possible. The weather was fine, though the clouds were dark and threatening the drivers with heavy rains. Still, no rains until I reached Panchkula in Haryana. From here, very heavy rain hampered my progress. Water was falling from the sky like thick sheets and it was not possible for me to see beyond a few meters.

    The wipers admitted their defeat in the face of this onslaught of rain. The situation remained grim for about 30 minutes and I could cover only a few kilometers, crawling like snail. And then all of a sudden rain god was kind and rain stopped.

    2. From here to Yamunanagar, I could drive Verito at a constant speed of 75 to 80 kilometers per hour. Car is new and I did not want to push it beyond 2000 rpm. Verito also agreed and with this mutual understanding, we travelled happily. Dashboard showed 27.1 kilometer per litre consumption, which I feel is real good keeping

    in view hill track and heavy rains.

    3. Next day I went to Kurukshetra University for the conduct of viva voce examination, a distance of 68 kilometers. The road is good but I had to pass through the town and this was a real pain. You find all types of vehicles and a typical Haryanavi does not bother much about traffic rules. It took me eternity to cross this segment of road but thereafter, speed could be maintained. It happened in the evening when I was returning. Dashboard indicated 24.2 kilometers per litre.

    4. I also drove my lovely Verito (against my good sense) in Yamunanagar town (24 kms). What an experience! You have to have half a dozen eyes to watch all the six sides. You never know what will happen next. Young crazy drivers exhibiting their driving skills as if some demon was chasing them. Anyhow, I survived with

    my Verito and the average came to be 17.00 kilometers per litre.

    5. Next day, Monday, I along with my wife started our return journey to Shimla. Even in the plains, one can find a small upward grade up to Kalka. The weather was fine but traffic was terrible. Traffic jams at Pinjaur, Kalka and Parwanoo tested my patience and that of my Verito, but we both came out with flying colours and

    thanked God for His grace. You can very well imagine how one feels when one has to change gears after every 30 seconds. After Prwanoo, the hill road starts and we found no problem in driving at a moderate speed. At least we could switch off AC, which was doing a fine job of cooling the car and also my temper. Friends, I had to use AC for 70 % of the distance and time. It is hot and humid in plains and folks like me from hills feel very uncomfortable when we travel in plains. Again, dashboard showed 19.1 kilometers per litre. Not bad keeping in view AC, traffic and crazy drivers. Overall average came out to be 22.24 kilometers per litre. Good.

    6. The car behaved very well like a cultured lady. And I too handled it like a true gentleman. I never drive very fast as even on National Highways, high speed does not give any significant advantage over moderate speeds. The saving of time is minimal and wastage of fuel is optimum. My researches have shown that high speed leads to high stress and tension, loss of correct judgement of distance, and wrong decisions often leading to more stress and accidents.

    7. Verito

  11. Just joined the forum and found this thread very interesting. My long experience also seconds the views expressed over here. Longer the ego, longer the car. I fully agree that apart from income (i.e. capacity to own and maintain a car) exact needs are to be decided. This is what I do. I have an Alto for local driving and I just purchased new Mahindra Verito (After Test Driving a number of cars). I know my exact needs and as very senior person, I am not prone to these ego spells. Interestingly, almost all the travelling expenses are met by organisations who invite me to deliver lectures (I am a University Professor) yet I did not go in for a more expensive car. I usually travel alone or at the most with my Secretary (I like my solitude), hence a big car was not required. I hope prospective buyers will pay heed to sane advice and buy a car which is most suitable for their needs.

    Incidently, let me also tell my fellow friends here that Verito gets poor marks for its shape. So I commented in one of my reviews of this car: As a beautiful girl may not be a good wife, so a beautiful looking car may not be the best choice. I do not know how you take my comments, but any further advice will be welcome.