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  1. Thanks for the feedbacks. Although there had been a choice based opinion, there had not been a comparison on the resale value or average maintenance cost or technical of the engine, other things in more detail. Can the owners of these cars please give this info as how much they had spent on maintenance for 3 years and kms made, please. One thing is sure - chevy spark is a comfortable 4 seater and xing is a comfortable 5 seater. Iam ok for comfort 4 seater. Also there is not much info on the LPG option. It will be very helpful to make a decision. As I said earlier, I do care for environment and Iam ok that if at end of 3 years I did save just 10k. i.e, (fuel savings made - (on top of extra cost recovered ~25k + extra maintenance cost) = 10k ) with no reduction in resale value of same car without LPG. Will it be possible or not? More info on usage. I will drive almost daily 60kms, occasionally in a weekend in a month may make 200kms on highways. Of the 60kms in city that I will make daily, 24kms will be a tolled highway with possibility to go upto 100km/h speed easily. There is only LPG in chennai, no CNG. Diesel cars costs atleast 1 lakh more and is not a good option. Giving some more details of the offers that I have for both (the petrol version, the LPG options of the both are more by around 25k). August 2011 offer after discounts available. Santro GLS - on road price Rs.4,23,000 for a color of my choice or 7000/= less for white. Additional free accessories - sun film alone. A remote lock can be demanded and got. Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LT - on Road Price Rs. 4,03,000 for certain colors (a blue being a favourite) and 6000 less for black, red. (excludes the 0% maintenance guarantee - costs 15,000 as option) Rear seat power windows, Rear Anti-fog is a notable extra feature in Spark 1.0 LT. Extra free accessories - body cover, remote lock, sun film, seat cover. Reading on technicals, the suspension (gas) in spark seemed to be better one, but I do not know if really it is. 995cc spark vs 1085cc xing gls. santro will have more power for sure. still undecided and more confused........ I want to make a decision by next weekend max.... Please help with you expert comparisons with technical facts and experience facts like mileage, cost of maintenance, resale value (after 3 years).
  2. Hi, Iam planning to buy a car, the first one. I have come down to choice of Santro Xing GLS or Spark 1.0LT LPG or Spark 1.0LT. The reviews are little and reviews on Chevy Spark that I read in carwale is not so promising, ... When I enquired on the LPG version of the santro xing - santro xing eco GLS, the dealer himself suggested that not to go in for LPG option as the resale value will be reduced. Is it so? A colleague was not sure of the safety of the LPG option. The chevy dealer however said that LPG is good option and resale value say after 3 years will be 75% if it is maintained in good condition. I did not like Alto or Alto K10 and have excluded that as a option. Iam not able to come to a decision between santro xing GLS and chevy spark1.0 LT. 1) Which car to go for of the above? 2) Is LPG going to work out good on fuel savings ( I might make around 60kms a day daily and I do have the LPG station enroute) ? 3) Is the trade-off for maintenance spent and/or resale value affected vs the saving on fuel? Iam very much confused about to go for LPG option or not. Even it is just 10% saving on fuel with no extra cost for maintenance and not affecting resale value in comparison to petrol, I would like to go for LPG option as it is more environment friendly. However I would not go for it, if paying more now and using it on LPG makes the resale value less or have more maintenance cost. Please tell me a choice and more on the LPG option and how much it costs more for maintenance or how much it reduces resale value and why so (iam not able to understand less resale value)? Thread moved.BornFree2011-08-03 13:19:02