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  1. Sorry for very late reply and not updating the thread for years. Completed the restoration project in 2015 i.e. 3 years back and drove 20k after that. Here is small video of restoration.
  2. 21st March was first birthday of my Palio S10 and we enjoyed the day with short drive to Bhuleshwar temple near Pune. Birthday gift is planned in this month (read) engine work and Restoration work will reach to 80%. Only remaining part will be repainting of the car.
  3. Honda Mobilio suggestion..

    Renault Lodgy will launched in a month or 2. If you want to search video related to Lodgy then search "Dacia Lodgy" in youtube. It is badge engineered product like Duster. Lodgy will be available in 85hp and 105hp Diesel Engine options. 1500cc Diesel engine.
  4. I fiat palio 1.2 exhaust assembly

    www.automechexhausts.com is the dealer in Mumbai who works on Free Flow Exhaust. He has good experience in this field and reasonably priced as well.
  5. I fiat palio 1.2 exhaust assembly

    Few of friends got the FFE built from Mumbai and they Paid Rs. 10,000 for FIAT Palio GTX.
  6. I fiat palio 1.2 exhaust assembly

    Anirudh why dont you get custom Free Flow Exhaust for your Palio. It will cost you around Rs. 10,000 approx. I dont have details of the dealer who works on FFE but if you are interested then I can get the information. I know dealers from Mumbai.
  7. New car under 15 lakh

    I would suggest you to go ahead with new Tata Aria Pride 4x4. It is loaded with all safety features and you say and Aria will have that safety feature. Ride and Handling of the car is amazing considering size of the vehicle.
  8. A small issue has been resolved in FASS yesterday. There was khar khar sound from front right hand side brake. There is protective cover behind the brake disc and some part of it was bent was touching to the disc, it was making sound. At FASS they removed the wheel, disc and cleaned it & lubricated the calliper pins. Then they leveled the metalic cover & issue was resolved. They also did top up of power steering oil and bill was Rs. 0. The task completed within 15 mins and I was impressed by the service provided by FIAT authorised service center @ Pandit Auto, Bavdhan, Pune.
  9. Best Stunt Bike India

    I think TVS Apache 180 is the only bike in India which has great stinting capabilities. Low weight and high power it has & what else you want other than these 2 categories in stunt bike.
  10. The car looks good and proportionate as well. With 1.5 TDCi diesel engine it will be better buy in compact sedan segment. I am expecting that Ford will detune the engines in Figo twins to extract more FE.
  11. Honda Mobilio suggestion..

    Prospective Mobilio owners do wait for Renault Lodgy and then take decision. Mobilio is nothing but stretched Brio and Lodgy is stretched Duster so Lodgy more space and good engine options available than Mobilio. Mobilio is waste of money due to poor build quality, interios are too basic (even new Alto K10 has better interiors than Mobilio), limited features list, noisey engine.
  12. Spy shots: Could this be the Hero Karizma ZMR 250?

    Thats Hero Karizma which are currently available in market.
  13. 2nd Hand Cars - Whats your Choice - Budget 4 Lakhs max

    I would like to buy FIAT Linea Tjet with eye closed. All four disc brakes, Turbo Petrol Engine, Best Handling and Ride Quality, Excellent looks and space are few pointers for Linea Tjet.
  14. Suggest a new bike for my friend.

    The options avilable for you are 1) TVS Apache 180 ABS 2) Bajaj Pulsar 200NS/200SS (which will be launched soon) 3) Hero Karizma R 4) Yamaha Fazer There are the best options in 1 lakh price brakcer and my choice would be TVS Apache 180 ABS.
  15. Pics: TVS BMW bike spied for the first time

    The bike looks smashing and if priced well then it will give tough fight to KTM twins.