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  1. Well, whats beyond my understanding is the acceptance level of consumers for clones of existing models in India. Wonder what Nissan is upto? Renault India, hope you're reading.
  2. Since I've been planing to buy a new hatch for myslelf, I visited one of the VW dealerships in my city yesterday and there were basically two things that I found really strange. 1. For a Polo Comfortline variant, where you get power windows for all four passengers, strangely the driver gets access to only the front windows and not the rear ones. 2. The channel moulding for the rear passenger seated in between the other two is exceptionally big when compared to others which makes it very uncomfortable to accommodate 3 adults on the back seat.
  3. IMHO keeping everything else same namely engine, interiors, exterior etc. and with the slight cosmetic changes that Renault has done, atleast for me it does'nt make sense going for a Micra look-a-like.
  4. @dd I somehow dont seem to like the over all look and feel of the Etios Liva, besides that in-case of a Brio, I'll be paying less for features that I am looking forward to have in my next car and not that Liva doesnt offers the same but it'll make me pay a lot more for the same. Since I mentioned at the very beginning of this thread that the car will be mostly for city use so boot space is not something that I am too concerned about. I must also mention that even if i go by the looks, the Brio looks way better that what the Liva does, infact it looked better than what i had expected it to be.
  5. Should we expect a facelift for the Polo as well? My budget approves of Polo 1.2 Petrol Comfortline for now but then if I am paying that kind of money I would certainly expect more features like Audio with AUX/USB, steering mounted controls etc. Should I wait for some more time or just go ahead and book some other car?
  6. Well based on the discussions yesterday, I did visit a Honda dealership close to my place and I must say that the car looks even better than what it does in all the pics posted around, ohh and the interiors i must say look good too. I checked out both the S MT and the V MT variants and somehow liked the S MT because it has just about everything one might need. Well the sad part is that there are no discounts/offers whatsoever and if i book it today, will have to wait for 2 months for the delivery.
  7. @bala I've always had a MSIL car, the other one that i own is a swift and this time i am somehow keen on owning something other than a Maruti. I do like the Brio so far and will definitely TD Beat D before finalizing. By the way should i book a new one right away or wait till December?
  8. @vignesh I've only heard a lot about the VTEC but I am yet to go through any ownership experiences as far as the Brio's concerned.
  9. @tejas I would like to keep away from the Vista, Punto again Fiat's ASS, WagonR - not anymore please and finaly Micra is IMHO a bit too feminine
  10. I also need to know if I should buy one this festive season of Diwali itself of should i wait for the month of December for better offers?
  11. IMHO the over all look and feel of the ACI website has improved and as far as people pointing out adds all across, it shows increasing popularity of the forum, as more and more cos are keen to promote their products through the same.
  12. It is a sad day indeed and his contribution to the world of technology will be remembered for ever and ever. May his soul rest in peace.
  13. I wonder what would be the pricing for their upcoming Honda Brio now, since the all new Jazz starts from 5.5 lacs (ex-showroom). The customer is the only one to benefit from this price war that is about to begin. Cheers
  14. @Vipul - I totally agree to the point you made, besides that I don't understand the positioning of the Etios, because of its pricing. I mean looking at the variant-wise specification sheet, I would personally not settle for anything less than the "V" variant which would cost me about 6.25 lacs on road, Pune. Now I wonder, should I still be running after the so called magical "T" badge or simply move on. I just hope that the Honda Brio doesn't comes up with a similar price tag.