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  1. Bikealcious ... i like that, the bike scene is truly hotting up i say. I do hope that some home-grown manufactures also bring out bikes like this..
  2. It's a great looking car to start with, although it has a cramped interior (personal view clearly)i do hope for GM that the car does turn out
  3. I think that's the worst i've seen on the Indian roads, no wonder it was a disaster in the end. Well how many can you find anyways..
  4. All said and done, a set of good gripy tires are so all equally important for one to stay on top, i remember one rainy day finding myself in between a Merc and a BMW when the front tyre decided to have a mind of it's own..scary
  5. The Liva doesn't excited you once you set your eyes on it. there's where it fails, people you are mileage Conscious would go for the wonderful fuel consumption figures this has to offer.