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  1. Hi Guys, I am looking to buy a car but getting really confused. Here is my confusion: 1. Whether to buy Beat Petrol or Swift Petrol? Beat Petrol has good looks and its cheaper than Swift but has lower resale value, in case I have to sell car after 2-3 yrs. Please suggest on what basis should I take the decision. Thanks in advance.
  2. thanks guys for your replies.. I will see for LS Option. Any idea what will be the city mileage of Beat LS? I heard it will be around 14 kmpl.
  3. Should I buy Beat Petrol PS? Hi guys, I am planning to buy a car and my budget is around 4.2 l. Beat Petrol PS is coming under my budget. Please advice. Also, as per my knowledge, Beat Petrol gives average of 14 kmpl in city. Is it correct? My usuage will be around 10,000 km/year and would like to buy a car with good mileage.