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  1. Hi Firstly, would like to know how the damping is done in the doors? what is would be approximate cost to do it? I am in Pune and would like to find more on this. BTW: I have recently added rear speakers JBL model number ending with 366 with 260 watts capacity.. and with original music system in my Etios V the sound is simply superb. cost lesser than 3000 no amplifier needed. SS800
  2. Hi I am still wondering how the accessory shops decide what speakers go with what car.. Etios Audio Specs are: Power Supply: 12 v DC Current consumption: 3A or less (at 0.5W * 4 ch output) Max Output: 40 W * 4 ch Speaker Impedance: 4 ohms (.. I believe its measured in ohms, right) So with the specifications what is the speaker wattage that can go? Actually need to understand the equation and what speakers go with this. The Toyota manual do not have guidance on this SS800
  3. I am wondering why Toyota Etios number dropped in Aug-11? Even after I finally bought the Etios-V. No comments at this point as I am getting used to it as its twice bigger than M800 that I was using so far SS800
  4. @SS80 There were complain about high vibrations but people have voiced their complains over internet about poor quality and leakage. Hi sarabjeet Can you please provide the link for the leakage problem posted on internet? would like to read that original one.. SS800
  5. Hi Personally, I have test driven Etios recently when it was raining and did noticed that single wiper works really well. Does anyone have experienced any issues as to water leaking inside cabin while cleaning or that the cabin has leakage so insects / flees go in the car when parked in the garage? I also would like to know what is the number of cars sold by TKM month wise - till date. Do we have recent owners here in the forum who have bought Etios sedan within last 1-2 months? Would like speak to them and understand their comments/concerns Thanks SS800
  6. Hi Do you own a Etios? Would like to know how did the water go in the car SS800
  7. Hi I have checked already. The dealer have only one varity - JBL. Do not have Xplod speakers. I need information on what spec required. SS800
  8. Hi Planning to buy Toyota Etios sedan and need guidance for fixing rear speakers for (V variant) The car comes with 2 DIN music system with two speakers in front doors and 2 on dashboards. The dealer is offering JBL GT6-S699 speakers for 4990/-. How to decide what is best? Is the price right? SS800
  9. My only concern is - Mainly on the noise level observed - If TKM rolls out improvements say within 2-3 months or it could be within a year of release (as it is lunched in Dec-10), then whether existing owners will get eligible for that benefit? That is why I asked if anyone has any knowledge if TKM has taken any steps for improvement Since, this is a latest launch.. there could be some steps taken to improve quality or performance of the car in any way and how it would be passed on to existing owners Thank you SS800
  10. Hi After reading on forums and a nice test drive on Etios sedan what mainly I observed is the inside noise level is more than dzire and Manza. So does anyone have information if TKM has taken any action to reduce this ? or has anyone attempted to add more insulating material on the doorsides? My overall observations is a good car with powerfull engine and good ride quality, roomer cabin, ample leg space and driving comfort with adjustable stearing and high on safty that is available with G(SP) variant also. It is prima faice difficult to accept the dashboard design as its totally new to look at and conceptually ... "Its different..". About plastic and quality of dashboard and interiors it is acceptable at that price level. Recollect Maruti 800's earlier and imrproved versions. Even the latest one, it is designed for lower pricing, I believe. And those who have seen other cars in luxury segment will do feel it cheap. But for Indian middle class (without consideration of upper or lower) who want to go for spacious sedan (we know our family rides with loads of lugguage) with all practicle features that should be there in a sedan, (as the list of features would be limit less here) will do have comparison between service quality and brand with Tata Manza and Toyota Erios offering 1 lac Kms up-front without any extra thousands... Over all I think those who "cannot stare at others cars" will do like Etios sedan as I feel it is a good car that one can go for. Hope others will agree on this obeservations if some one wants to go for a sadan, as I am thinking now SS800
  11. Whats your Budget - Rs 07.00L Kms driven monthly - 800 to 1000kms Bodyshell - Sedan City/Highway split - 30:70 Max No.of Passangers - 4 most of the time Boot space Importance - Medium Usage by - Normal Ownership - City Safety - High Prime requirement - Ride/ Handling/FE/Looks/AfSS/Resale/Passenger Comfort Softcorner'd Manufacturer - I'm planning to buy a car ranging aroud 07.00 L. I've shortlisted Toyota Etios V and Swift Dzire VXI. My usage would be around 800 to 1000 km per months. City driving is mostly on weekends as I get Cab for office work. I find Etios more crampped than the Dzire. My hieght is 6'. Everyone from our family is above 5'7. So I need a spacious inside. From overall interiors from the Etios, it is more of plasticy which looks more cheap than the Dzire's. Dzire has more of a sleek dashboard and comparitively simple to use and gives a feel of a big ride. I currently own a Matruti 800. Clocked almost 30,000 km in last 5 years. And now as its becoming a small car for us, I'm thinking of getting something new and big. I know the reputation and fuel efficiency of Maruti products. As for Toyota its their first product for India only. I prefer Dzire but I just wanted a professional advice. Thanks SS800