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  1. a basstube cannot be installed in a 8 seater mHawk, there is no space behind the 3rd row. this is precisely the reason i bought a 7 seater mHawk!you can try a custom built box.
  2. because JBL is value for money! you get the best at the least price.
  3. i know your car buddy. i have seen it before... yours is an LX & the wheels are from the SLX because LX has silver coloured ones, right? your car looks truly mean whereas my car looks a softie comparitively! whereas pics of my car is concerned, i have already posted the pics in my ownership thread, here is the link, check the last page: http://www.autocarindia.com/new/autocar_forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=2291&PN=7
  4. @ cyrus: thats even better! you can customise it the way you want. for example, in my scorpio, i had to let go my steering mounted volume controls for a better HU. also, i cannot change the alloys as the present alloys has sensors for the TPMS in it. so there are some limitations in the top end models.
  5. thanks cyrus. i think you have a scorpio right? doesnt it have a music system?
  6. yes, i am not an audiophile, so guys, please dont expect high end stuffs in my car. instead you can find some pretty basic stuff in here... it all started when i bought my car in may 08. i had little knowledge about ICE then (even now i dont know much!) & i installed a sony woofer + sony 6x9s + sony 2ch amp!!! as soon as i got the delivery of my car, i realized somthing was amiss! i just had not got what i expected. 1st upgrade: after some months, i changed the useless sony woofer to a JBL bass tube & changed the 2 ch amp to a 4 ch one. i did this in a shop in mulund & i was very much infuriated by their shoddy work & low knowledge on the same. 2nd upgrade: when i felt like nothing is working, i got in contact with a guy named ramie (also, my HU had broken) & met him today. he heard my system & came out pretty sad. the first thing he said when he had a look at my HU was "is this what mahindra provided as OE?" (now i know what you mean ramie!) i had a limited budget of 10,000 ONLY & i was selfish enough to want a HU as well as front components within that budget. again, a special thanks to ramie for making this happen! finally my second upgrade happened as follows: * useless nippon HU changed to pioneer 5050. * again useless stock front speakers changed to VTREK compos. i am very happy with this new setup & it is defnitely a vast improvement over my previous setup. ITS MONEY WELL SPENT. also, thanks to ramie for spending time to listening to my setup after the installation, taking time to tune & set it properly. in the end, i am a happy man... 3rd upgrade: to be continued... attaching some pics of my latest upgradation: Attached Thumbnails > some more pics of my entire setup- 1) the HU 2) the driver side tweeter 3) the driver side tweeter again! 4) the basstube 5) the basstube + rear 6x9s Attached Thumbnails >
  7. scorpio 2.2: speedo indicated 170 kmph on mumbai pune express highway. innova 2.5: speedo indicated 150 kmph on the same road. figures are with AC & 4 people in the car. also, it was only for a short duration to test the engine's ability. in city, i restrict the speed to 100 kmph even on open roads as the road surface is poor & you can never guess what suprise is lurking behind every turn/parked car etc.
  8. thanks FRG. nobody interested in this forum?
  9. Hey guys, this is Rajeev here. I am the student of Saboo Siddik college of engineering (automobile department) & this year, i am the chairman of the automotive fest of our college- 'AUTOMOTIVATION '09'. The major event in this fest would be the car rally. i am also the event head for this event. This rally will run in a TSD (Time/Speed/Distance) format. The crew consists of a driver & navigator. the navigator will be handed a map with directions, odometer readings & hints. the driver has to follow the navigator's instructions. this event will cover a 55 km route around mumbai streets, there will be checkpoints along the route where marshalls will note the car timings & also to ensure nobody cheats! All in all, its a very fun event, especially for those who love driving! It can be a thrilling experience to follow maps & odo readings! Details are as below: Venue: M. H. Saboo Siddik College of Engg., Byculla, Mumbai Date: 22nd March Day: Sunday Crew: Driver + Navigator (co-driver), extra 3 crew members allowed. Entry Fees: Rs. 400 for Driver+Navigator, Rs. 100 per extra crew member. Those who are interested may email me on automotivation09@yahoo.in or leave your e-mail id here, i will contact you or send you the entire details of the event. Visit our Blog: automotivation09.blogspot.com MODS, this is not any sort of advertising, i feel some members may be interested in such an event, hence such a post. raj_50042009-03-13 18:25:46
  10. endeavours are always known to have bumpy rides. i feel you are comparing it with the innova for ride quality. also, the water spilling on to the windscreen, thats a issue with scorpios too, nothing can be done!
  11. i would LOVEEEEE driving this on mumbai roads. no fear from taxis or rickshaws, even BESTs. all that they will scrape is my tyres!