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  1. i know your car buddy. i have seen it before...smiley1.gif

    yours is an LX & the wheels are from the SLX because LX has silver coloured ones, right? your car looks truly mean whereas my car looks a softie comparitively!


    whereas pics of my car is concerned, i have already posted the pics in my ownership thread, here is the link, check the last page:


  2. You are welcome! How is the bass tube compared to conventional woofers with regards to sound/effect?

    Also' date=' I can see the USB wire dangling, there are HU's with incorporated USB Ports, AUX in & Bluetooth connectivity. I would prefer the ones with full options & they aren't much expensive these days.


    the basstube goes "boom boom" & coventional woofers gives a tighter punch. the basstubes are more vocal & i like the boom effect, hence i prefer basstubes over woofers.


    even this HU is with full options buddy. it has Aux & Bluetooth connectivity & it has 3 pre-outs. as far as USB wire dangling is concerned, its not a big issue for me as it sits neatly in the recess below the HU. my earlier HU had incorporated USB slot & it used to stick out of the dash. i cannot recollect the number of times i have hit the USB stick by mistake! so for me, its better its stays hidden inside!
    raj_50042009-06-14 16:24:12

  3. yes, i am not an audiophile, so guys, please dont expect high end stuffs in my car. instead you can find some pretty basic stuff in here...

    it all started when i bought my car in may 08. i had little knowledge about ICE then (even now i dont know much!) & i installed a sony woofer + sony 6x9s + sony 2ch amp!!! LOL.gif
    as soon as i got the delivery of my car, i realized somthing was amiss! i just had not got what i expected.

    1st upgrade: after some months, i changed the useless sony woofer to a JBL bass tube & changed the 2 ch amp to a 4 ch one. i did this in a shop in mulund & i was very much infuriated by their shoddy work & low knowledge on the same.

    2nd upgrade: when i felt like nothing is working, i got in contact with a guy named ramie (also, my HU had broken) & met him today. he heard my system & came out pretty sad. the first thing he said when he had a look at my HU was "is this what mahindra provided as OE?" (now i know what you mean ramie!) i had a limited budget of 10,000 ONLY & i was selfish enough to want a HU as well as front components within that budget. again, a special thanks to ramie for making this happen! finally my second upgrade happened as follows:
    * useless nippon HU changed to pioneer 5050.
    * again useless stock front speakers changed to VTREK compos.
    i am very happy with this new setup & it is defnitely a vast improvement over my previous setup. ITS MONEY WELL SPENT. also, thanks to ramie for spending time to listening to my setup after the installation, taking time to tune & set it properly. in the end, i am a happy man... smile.gif

    3rd upgrade: to be continued...

    attaching some pics of my latest upgradation:

    Attached Thumbnails








    some more pics of my entire setup-
    1) the HU
    2) the driver side tweeter
    3) the driver side tweeter again!
    4) the basstube
    5) the basstube + rear 6x9s

    Attached Thumbnails








  4. scorpio 2.2: speedo indicated 170 kmph on mumbai pune express highway.


    innova 2.5: speedo indicated 150 kmph on the same road.


    figures are with AC & 4 people in the car. also, it was only for a short duration to test the engine's ability. in city, i restrict the speed to 100 kmph even on open roads as the road surface is poor & you can never guess what suprise is lurking behind every turn/parked car etc.

  5. Hey guys, this is Rajeev here. I am the student of Saboo Siddik college of engineering (automobile department) & this year, i am the chairman of the automotive fest of our college- 'AUTOMOTIVATION '09'.

    The major event in this fest would be the car rally. i am also the event head for this event. This rally will run in a TSD (Time/Speed/Distance) format. The crew consists of a driver & navigator. the navigator will be handed a map with directions, odometer readings & hints. the driver has to follow the navigator's instructions. this event will cover a 55 km route around mumbai streets, there will be checkpoints along the route where marshalls will note the car timings & also to ensure nobody cheats!

    All in all, its a very fun event, especially for those who love driving! It can be a thrilling experience to follow maps & odo readings!

    Details are as below:

    Venue: M. H. Saboo Siddik College of Engg., Byculla, Mumbai

    Date: 22nd March

    Day: Sunday

    Crew: Driver + Navigator (co-driver), extra 3 crew members allowed.

    Entry Fees: Rs. 400 for Driver+Navigator, Rs. 100 per extra crew member.

    Those who are interested may email me on automotivation09@yahoo.in or leave your e-mail id here, i will contact you or send you the entire details of the event.

    Visit our Blog: automotivation09.blogspot.com

    MODS, this is not any sort of advertising, i feel some members may be interested in such an event, hence such a post.

    raj_50042009-03-13 18:25:46

  6. hi vas, here is my opinion:


    1) go for 3M.

    2) atleast 50% visibility from outside is advisable.

    3) max upto 6000.

    4) strictly outside, if you can call the company personnel to your outside, that would be better.



    1) teflon coating WILL NOT prevent scratches. it will only protect the paint from sunlight & bird droppings.

    2) only if you live near the sea!

    3) again outside will be better but do it at a good place.


    3. if you are willing to spend cash, go for stanley or g-sport.


    4. why not? depends on car colour, seat cover colour & design.


    5. sorry, i am from mumbai!

  7. with the new facelift, mahindra has made amends for one of the two grouses i had with the scorpio. they have added electrical RVMs. now only if they could add airbags, atleast as an option.


    the safari is getting very old now, it needs a major facelift IMHO.


    wish i could have the scorpio's body with mHawk engine, safari's seats & suspension & innova's reliability all in one package!

  8. coming back to the topic, the problem with the safari is lack of low end grunt. IMO, the safaro 3.0 is more responsive than the safari 2.2 at low revs. the reason could be the gearing or the kerb weight. also, safari 2.2 is not as refined as the scorpio 2.2 or even the innova 2.5.


    but nothing comes close to the magic carpet ride the safari offers. the seats in safari are the best in the class, even better than the innova.


    both SUVs rolls like titanic during cornering!


    so ultimately it depends on what your priorities are.
    raj_50042009-03-01 07:33:35

  9. @ FRG: i agree to that. at highways, safaris are better because it boasts of better ride quality than the scorpios. add to that, the spacious cabin. but if we consider the driver, he will enjoy driving the scorpio more.


    i had put it like this: scorpio is the driver's car, safari is the passengers's car. what say?

  10. yes tanmay, scorpio does come with captain seats, the problem is mahindra has never advertised this.



    second row- captain seats/ bench seats

    third row- forward facing bench/side facing bucket seats


    you can check this link to be sure:



    or this:

    (go to details)


    or this:

    (go to standard features)



    raj_50042009-02-15 12:05:20