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  1. @ zander: where were you buddy? i dint see you anywhere! @ thckervijay: yamaha and JBL were the only stalls which displayed bikes. i have posted the pics. other than these there were these dirt bikes and modified enfields, i will post the pics for you, let me search!
  2. good guess from my side! FRG, i think i even saw you driving the getaway on the track. i have small video clip of that. but dint get to talk to you as i was leaving and was really in a hurry.
  3. is this the same one which is sold as the tavera in here? i remember the isuzu panther which is a pick up truck is sold in india as the tavera but even this isuzu looks similar...
  4. as of now, i have not seen any specific for the scorpio. yes, electric RVMs are available in the market but they wont be of the same design as your current RVMs.
  5. dint expect this thread will come to a dead end so soon.... cmon guys, flaunt your rides..........!
  6. hey krace, nice review, but what about pics?
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    hi mostreactive, welcome to the forum... hope you have a great time here... the best part of this forum is, here we all are not just forum mates, we are FRIENDS... we may not stand on any one point, we may argue over some silly point like kids but we still remain friends and respect each other's opinions...
  8. 80 bugs bro........ 2day is the last day............
  9. the experience was great. only mahindra and honda had no objection in us sitting inside and getting the feel of the vehicle (honda only to the city, not to the accord and hybrid civic)... i was disappointed by the mahindra 4x4 track, i understand that they cant allow us to drive the getaway in the track but the track itself was not as gruelling as the 07 show, but nevertheless they managed to show its capabilities and i managed to shoot some good videos... raj_50042008-11-16 05:17:33
  10. yes vibhor, they had one in blue and red too... many were showing interest in it and asking for the prices and specification though i dont know how many will buy it... you know, who will buy a bolero when you can get a scorpio for the same money? (indian mentality!) oh ya, this bolero comes with the scorpio CRDe engine...
  11. the hyundai stall was not so good, they only had the i10 kappa automatic: the honda had the civic hybrid now at a price of 13.5 lakhs, new honda city and honda accord: there was also a stall by khalidaro, the do awesome modifications on bullets:
  12. at the mahindra stall, they had a scorpio automatic and modified bolero. such boleros are modified by mahindra itself and you can customise your bolero or scorpio at mahindra-customisation.com, on enquiry i got to know that the bolero pictured here is available at an on-road price of 10.5 lakhs...
  13. the benz stall had an AMG c class and land rover had its range rover sport.... coming to the hot cars: raj_50042008-11-16 04:40:20
  14. the next and the most interesting stall was by DC, they had 3 modified cars:
  15. next to the BMW stall was the yamaha stall, they had the R1, MT, two FZs and even a gladiator: then there were some stalls for K&N, autocar india and garware suncontrol film... then came the LAMBO.......................
  16. many more pics to follow if you all are interested!
  17. moving inside, the first stall to the left was BMW! they displayed their M3 and X5:
  18. just beside this track i saw a 3.0 safari, is this FRG's safari by any chance? i remember him saying that he can be found at this mahindra track!
  19. after that came the 4x4 track by mahindra which had a bolero 4x4 and a scorpio getaway 4x4:
  20. also present in the JBL stall was a sports car prototype built by my friends in my college, the car is named "rickracer" as it built by dismantling a rickshaw and using same parts: just next to the JBL stall (behind the exit) was the mahindra 4x4 track experience... on the way to this track, they had kept a modified scorpio, bolero and logan:
  21. went to the show today, was a great experience. i have taken about 200 pics, here i will post a few of them... pls dont mind the poor quality of the pics, all have been taken from my mobile... the entry was at 11.30 and i reached by 11, so i was wandering with my friends in the parking and i found these: just after the entry was the grand JBL stall, they had kept some bikes and of course their speakers and subs, here are the pics: raj_50042008-11-15 17:47:29