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  1. in the 8-12 lakh price range, scorpio offers the better engine and innova offers toyota brand value and reliabilty. is that ok now????
  2. @ gurkha: im myself an automobile engineer. i have worked with both mahindra and toyota cars as well as honda. so i do know the pros & cons of atleast these companies and their vehicles. and again & again & again i am saying the same thing, i know toyotas are reliable. yes, i do agree that toyota is a more reputed company. but where have i denied that till now?!! n it is about price buddy, if i had the money, i would go for the land cruiser or maybe the hummer or cayenne. i feel the scorpio is the best at this price range which is in my budget. ya, n i know, toyotas are more reliable !!! @ rssh: by performance, i dont mean its top speed, i am more interested in its acceleration and FE.
  3. yes, this is 1 thing i agree to u buddy. mahindra is really not serious about safety. atleast now they are offering ABS as standard. but i wish they offer airbags too.
  4. go 4 d sonata buddy......... spares r reasonably priced. d merc is tooo hard on d pocket.... Note From Admin: Use of SMS language is not allowed on the forum. FuelRunGod2008-01-01 12:50:52
  5. im interested in fitting white xenon lights 4 my scorpio. anybody has an idea how much will an original pair cost? n wat modifications do i hav 2 make in d original set? is it harmful 4 d headlight reflectors, my fren says so. i thnk xenon lights emit less heat...
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    a black swift with dark black tinted glass n shiny chrome alloys will look cool. black n red combi leather seats will enhance d beauty. also a free flow exhaust so tat ppl can notice d money spent...!!!
  7. Fuel Efficiency: fiesta resale value, spacious interiors & performance: verna however, handling of d fiesta is better. d ford fusion doesnt sell maybe cos ppl havent accepted its looks. i dont thnk d fabia is a good choice. yup, its a damn gud car, very spacious, fuel efficient n loaded with features but paying 6-7 lakhs 4 a hatchback is a lil too much. in india, hatchbacks r generally classified as small cheap cars n saloons hav more of a prestige value n status. if u can adjust with this factor, then go 4 d fabia.
  8. wat, engine failures at 80,000 kms?!!?!! tats strange buddy... newayz, v r back 2 d same topic. my dear fren, whn i hav already agreed tat d innova is more reliable, lets pls leave d reliability factor behind..!! v hav already debated on this n i hav agreed tat d innova is better in d reliabilty aspect. but then i moved on 2 performance n fuel efficiency of d engine. i quoted d figures n again u bought d reliabilty of d engine into picture..!! well, i thnk mahindra engines r more reliable n u vouch 4 d toyota. but this is a factor tat depends on person 2 person n his experience with his vehicle. it cant b finalised by a few individuals. yes, 4 me a scorpio is better than a land cruiser. u know y? cos toyota wont offer me d land cruiser for 10 lakhs!!! look buddy, whn comparing vehicles, v also hav 2 look at its price range. n again, if u r askin my choice, i'll still vote d scorp than d innova cos i feel more secure in a scorp than an innova. i like its tough build n mean looks. but of course, as i said, lets leave individual preferences behind.... FuelRunGod2008-01-01 12:56:55
  9. Just tell us which vehicle u own n which is ur favourite (either in general or among the 1 u own)... well mine is a 2.2 safari 2.6 crde scorpio (2 b replaced by a mHawk in feb) 2.5 innova 2.6 turbo scorpio of these my fav is crde scorp...
  10. i dont think TATAs will ever mange 2 build a reputation of givin good service. all their cars sells cos they r cheap, has a diesel engine n is fuel efficient. they dont care a damn about after sales service, reliability, build quality, etc...
  11. very very good point raised buddy......
  12. ya, tats fine, u feel d innova better... but when comparing, v cant debate on our likes n dislikes rite?? v hav 2 put down real facts... n mahindra engines r always reliable buddy... ours is a const company n v still hav many of tat 2 door mahindras (DP series) which has easily crossed 2-3 lakhs marks with rarely any engine trouble.
  13. 4 d record: 0-100 timig in secs: mHwak: 14.8 safari 2.2: 15.16 innova: 17.5 this despite of d fact tat d safari is 140 bhp compared 2 scorp's 120 bhp. 20-80 in 3rd gear: mHawk: 12.13 secs 2.2 safari: 13.76 secs innova: 14.39 secs 40-100 in 4th gear: mHawk: 14.61 secs 2.2 safari: 15.96 secs innova: 19.5 secs fuel efficiency city/highway: mHawk: 10.6/13.6 2.2 safari: 8.7/13.1 innova: 10.3/12.7 so doesnt it beat all its competitors atleast with its engine?? i know d engine isnt everythng in a car, but right 4m d start, im 4 only d scorp's engine. i know its not spacious, has a bumpy ride. but 2 me, it looks awesome, kicks dirt on d rear cars whn i press d acc (whichever gear im in) n gives me tat intimidating drive so tat i can scare anythng lower than a BEST bus !!!
  14. @ gurkha & rssh: no buddy, u r wrong... d mHwak is faster than the 2.2 140 bhp safari in both acceleration n in-gear timings. n d mHwaks's top speed is 152 kph compared 2 safari's 156, not much of a difference here 2 since most owners never max their cars. i own a 2.2 safari n also tested d mHawk n believe me, i found d scorpio more enthusiastic. d 2.2 safari has no life below 2000 rpm which is a chore in d city. n about d sales, maruti 800 n alto sells cos they r cheap. scorpio, safari n mHawk r in d same price range. so if d scorp n innova sells more, it means people like these cars more, but ya, i agree tat it does not giv a true indication as how gud d car is. but manufacturers make cars 2 sell, isnt it?? @ rssh: d new scorpio is almost as stable as d safari, ya, it cant b compared 2 d innova. but isnt toyota charging 2 lakhs more 4 it? its only in d 3rd row of d mHawk tat u feel sharp bumps cos it lies behind d rear axle.
  15. tats wat, innova r 4 taxi owners... hahahaha, just kiddin buddy... hey Mr. gurkha, dont get so furious mannnn...!!! y r v fighting like kids? on wat point r v debating whn i hav already accepted tat innova is more reliable. but im happy 2 c tat thr r many more like me who thnks scorp is more enjoyable 2 drive... of course, Mr. FRG, u r rite in sayin tat d scorpio is not as spacious n its ride n handling is not tat well sorted out... well, Mr. gurkha, u dont like a scorpio, i humbly accept tat. but i wud like 2 remind u tat all i said was tat d scorp's ENGINE is much better, which even Mr. FRG will agree. as far as reliability goes, i said about my experience n u said abt urs. but ya, i still do agree, toyotas r more reliable although my xperience was quite different!!!
  16. yup, even i believe tat toyotas r more reliable than mahindras.... bit i genuinely feel tat d scorpio's engine is much better than d innova. innova does not have tat grunt or feel which will bring a smile on d driver's face. d scorpio has that. yes, if u r a back seat person, no better than d innova!
  17. hey, as i said, i cant place d speakers behind d middle seats as i want to place the sub woofers there. n i know d alloys of mHawk look good, but since they are standard with the car, it will b too common, i want my car to look different...!!!
  18. im planning 2 buy a Scorpio VLX in jan. n i wish to change it's alloys. does mahindra offer more alloy wheel options at the showroom? if yes, what is the price range?
  19. i plan 2 buy a Scorpio mHawk VLX in jan. i wanna fit JBL 210 watts GT5-963 6" x 9" oval speakers for the rear in my scorpio? how do i do this as mahindra does not provide a slot for the speakers in the rear door. also i dont want to put these in the boot as there i plan to install a sub woofer. will i have to cut the rear door panel and is it advisable? if yes, where do i get it done? at the JBL dealer or should i request the mahindra service centre?
  20. @ rssh: u r right in sayin tat d mHawk is just 120 bhp. but hav a look at its's acceleration, fuel efficiency and in-gear timings. its way better than the innova and safari 2.2, so d engine is indeed very good. i hav driven d mHwak n believe me guys, its much more refined, smooth n driveable than d innova. im sayin this cos i own a innova. at high speeds, i dint feel any handling deficit in d mHawk. @ gurkha: hey buddy, i own a 2.6 turbo scorpio GLX (2003 model) n its odometer shows 1,67,000... we have had no reliability issues till now. only d routine services, change of brake pads n servicing of fuel pump. while my innova which has run only 23,000 km has already visited d service centre twice, n its not for routine services!!!
  21. yes, the scorpio is an urban suv, n the safari is a highway king. but i feel features like rear n tyre sensors, auto headlights n wipers, cruise control will be appreciated by everyone as it enhances comfort n convenience, but LCD screens r not used by all. it may come into use only for long distance travellers.
  22. which is the better car? all new scorpio nHawk VLX or the new safari 2.2 VTT....? well, i think looks are subjective, so no point in discussing that. i think the scorpio's engine is still a strong point. although being 120 bhp compared to the 140 bhp of the safari, ot leads in acceleration and fuel efficency figures. handling is very improved, almost identical to safari. but ride quality and space in safari is much better, overall safari is more comfortable. i think those who enjoy driving will still prefer the scorpio and the safari is for those who like relaxing in the back seat.
  23. im really interested in d new M-HAWK engined scorpio, but hav few queries regarding d car........ 1) wats d on-road price of d toppest variant? 2) does cruise control, tyre pressure sensors n rain sensing wipers come as standard or r they optional? 3) r alloy wheels optional or standard? 4) finally, is it available now in showrooms??