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  1. speed, if your budget is 25 grands, then the N96 is out of question. the N95 8GB is exactly 25,000 today!
  2. also, the safari is completely stock, its a 2.2 VX... standard alloys and the only extras being seat covers and window tints.
  3. thanks a lot vibhor buddy.... i have said it before and will say it again, your car is in an extremely well maintained condition... i hate people who abuse their vehicles and equally love those who care for them!
  4. i enquired with one mechanic who has done this on a tavera and still advises me to refrain from such a job. he adds that though the job on the tavera was done in the best possible way he could (he changed hinges, added struts and what not!) as the customer was not on any specific budget but still the customer is facing trouble of the rear door squeaking...
  5. my innova and scorpio in office shed... my scorpio again! sorry guys for not posting my safari pic.
  6. go for the new honda city buddy, nothing like it...
  7. good decision buddy.... do give a detailed review about the purchase experience, your first drive, then your general experience with time and after sales, we will be glad to hear everything!
  8. experience till now has been fantastic, i was also considering trading my N95 for the N96 16GB till a few days back, but i thought let me fill up my present 8GB!!! so better go for the N96 as its new. everything is similar except the memory. i dont use my phone for browsing! the camera is good but xenon flash would have been welcome. the much cheaper N82 has xenon flash but viewing pictures in the N95's large and super clear display is a treat, its the best display i have seen till now. i watch many movies in my phone, so its my portable TV!
  9. but even though tata is a newborn, it is one of india's largest car manufacturer. and so i feel that is reason enough they should offer quality products. none of the indian manufacturers viz. maruti, tata and mahindra can match the quality of a toyota or honda, tata being the worst. i agree this is the reason their prducts are inexpensive but today customers are willing to shell out more for quality. now its the time for them to stand a place internationally. so quality is a must.
  10. this is a myth associated with diesel engines that they dont last long... all diesel engines will last as long as your car's life as long as proper car is taken, just like in petrol engines. there is nothing wrong in the design of any diesel engine that it should shatter or stop working after a couple of years... modern diesels dont require ridiculous maintainence though i have no idea how it fares in comparison to petrol engines.
  11. mine goes like this: Nokia N95 8GB Sony handycam Sony digi cam LG plasma jbl basstube for car thats all...
  12. but vijay, when tata has improved a little, their competition has improved much much more! as crazycat mentioned, tata cant compromise on reliabilty for the sake of VFM for long...
  13. the CS has a different and better tail lights and of course is cheaper. i have heard the dicor engine though better is more noisy.
  14. i dont know where gurkha is buddy? he's missing...
  15. the styling looks cool but i dont think this is the way the final production version will look, it will be much more sober IMO... (speed, i learnt!)
  16. @ sanzgod: buddy, when you are travelling with your family, wats more important is reliability and safety. both cars are equally safe (relative to each other!) but credit must be given to safari for having airbags. but safari's reliability is not as good as the scorpio. its better compromising a bit on comfort than spending a night with your family on a lonely roadside with your car's bonnet open! safari has always had small niggling issues every now and then which in turn means frequent visits to the workshop which if not done can lead to the above mentioned situation. also, i strongly agree that safari's rear seat is super comfy but disagree that scorpio's rear seat is not comfy. @ niks_123: buddy, did you take a ride in the back seat too during the test drive? raj_50042008-11-08 04:02:57
  17. @ niks: buddy, now even if features are not top priority for you, i would suggest you the scorpio as you will find auto wipers and TPMS more useful than DVD screens. as you and your driver equally drive the car, both scorpio and safari scores equal points in this aspect (safari with its better ride and back seat and scorpio with its better and more refined engine). i have driven the scorpio at high speeds and personally dont have any issues with its handling or stability. even the safari does not face any such issues. but dont expect handling like a sedan or CRV. so now, i will suggest you the safari only if ride and space are your top most priority. else, the scorpio. @ speed: hey buddy, wats IMO?
  18. hi saladin, i do remember you. we had a strong hot debate... me, you and Mr. gurkha!
  19. the car looks bad.... i hope they no more call it a josh machine! the bumper is a straight lift off the new fiesta S.
  20. hey nikvinit, if ACI means autocar india, can you tell me which edition was it? cos they have not done any comparo between the scorpio 2.2 and the safari 2.2... yes, their sister concern magazine has done such a test (What Car? july 2008 edition) and the scorpio 2.2 emerged as a winner, not the safari! the verdict given by them was that the scorpio is a better all rounder and the safari is a comfortable cruiser on the highway but cumbersome in the city. even motoring and overdrive has done such a comparo test and in both mags, the scorpio 2.2 emerged as a winner.
  21. hey niks, you can find many similar topics on scorpio v/s safaro on this very forum. it has been a hot debatable topic until few months back. i will suggest you the scorpio 2.2 but i will also mention the pros and cons of both for u: safari 2.2- + space + ride quality + airbags in VX + best in class rear seats + top mounted rear AC in VX - huge turning radius which is a pain in the city - unresponsive at low revs or poor bottom-end response - engine not quite refined - reliablity - plasic & build quality scorpio 2.2- + best in class engine: very refined, very responsive & no turbo lag + better build quality + host of new features, quite tech laden in VLX + better gear shift - not so good ride quality - fit and finish - no AC vents in the boot - no electrically adjustable ORVMs overall, i suggest you the scorpio if you drive yourself or the safari if you are a back seat person. also, if comfort and space is your top priority, the safari should be yours. if driving comfort and reliabilty is what you are looking for, then the scorpio.
  22. yes harry, i think you are right. i have heard this from many and hence refrained from fitting these on my scorpio. the other reasons were improper installation can mess up the electricals and sensors! final reason was the price! but i have not had any problems in driving with the opposite car having xenon lights, it comes standard in cars like laura and superb. i dont think they are any worse than normal halogens. still, i found its better ti stick to the original. also, i would advise everybody NOT to upgrade their present 35W headlights to 60W or 90W headlights. its not helping you in any way but causing a lot of other road users a lot of trouble. just imagine what will happen if every driver plans to install 90W headlights, we will have to drive with glares even at night!
  23. 1) these bulbs are called zenon bulbs 2) philips is famous 3) 12,000/- 4) incorrect installation can lead to problems. you need a seperate projector to install these bulbs. 5, 6 & 7) no idea, sorry its possible in fog lamps, i have seen in a swift in mumbai.
  24. i am not sure the clutch will become hard, that happens only with age because of the wear of the clutch springs. the clutch will shudder and hence give a jerky start to the car or in extreme cases, it will make gear shifting harder as the friction plates are worn out.