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  1. from an 800 to a 20 lakh car?? WOW, thats quite an upgrade! well, more details buddy...
  2. @ crazy cat: the clutch gets burned because of the friction between the clutch plate and the pressure plate. i think when most people ride the clutch, they do it invariably, i mean, they are not aware that they are doing it. all know the ill effects of riding a clutch, so nobody would do it purposely.
  3. teflon coatings just protects your car from sunlight or acidic bird sh*ts!!! so it DOES NOT in any way prevent scratches. even my innova had gone through teflon coating thrice till now, once in every 6 months. but it gets scratched even with you finger nail. the most scratched part is behind the outer door handle. its full of scratches. the paint gets chipped off if a small stone hits it!
  4. i heard SX4 fares really low in mileage. but 12-13 seems to be very good. how the low speed ride in cities buddy?
  5. the cedia has a good ride quality but not as much as the germans, shall i say astra or vectra. i think mehul is right in pointing out that japanese cars are not so good when it comes to ride, consider the accord, corolla, civic, CRV... speed: toyota's paint quality is really really bad compared to any other cars in the market, even tata! i am experiencing it.
  6. its not so bad, its average... but if you think a bolero's ride is good, then i dont think you will have any problem with the scorpio! its much much better than the bolero. even the astra had a fantastic ride, better than the octavia and cedia!
  7. dont even go to the mahindra showroom if ride is your priority and you have checked out the safari!!! LOL... else, if you have other things in mind, apart from ride, you can have a look, thats what i feel.
  8. yes, dont even think of the scorpio if ride quality is your priority, look at the safari then. but scorpio's suspension wont hurt your back either, its no leaf spring setup! see, the ride goes for a toss in low profile tyres is because such tyres have a very small sidewall and hence no cushioning effect as compared to high profile tyres. but you never mentioned the tyres before. what you meant was that because of companies raising the suspension height for indian conditions, it spoils the ride. that i accept, can be true. so thats what even i said, its not the GC factor, but the suspension setup. when you said about the GC, you were considering cars whose ride is spoiled because of raised suspension, right?
  9. @ speed: i said that because scorpio's ride is bad than a corolla. but both are bad in different ways. scorpio bounces in and out of a pothole and corolla, as i said, thrashes in and out of a pothole!!! what has GC to do with the ride quality? i agree that taller vehicles roll more and pitch more. but if similar cars equipped with similar suspension setup and tyres and everything but one with more GC, like in the case of octy and corolla, i dont think that it will cause a noticeable change in the ride quality. the octy has a better setup. infact even its beefy setup is very harsh at low speeds, but at high speeds, its carpet ride! raj_50042008-10-31 18:20:22
  10. why i asked about rattling was because i have a toyota innova, which has developed this problem of rattling of the dashboard, but it was solved after 1 visit to the service center. hence i wished to know whether this is the same in corolla too. yes speed, the suspension is not all that good, it feels very thrashy and uncomfortable as compared to an octavia. but since i drive a scorpio, when i sit in the corolla, i dont feel anything, . they say the new corolla's suspension (the one which mahul has, not the altis) is improved over the older corolla. is the diference noticeable? i have never sat in the newer one...
  11. it looks damn ugly, like a toy bike...
  12. yea, as designersf said, its fitted on seperate holder which is fixed near the hinges and supports are given on the boot door. so ultimately the boot has to carry the weight. anybody in mumbai carrying out such modifications with expertise?
  13. @ vibhor: i asjed the dealer buddy. they said they dont undertake such jobs. @ rssh: why will the warranty be void buddy?
  14. yes, even my friend and a mechanic advised me to refrain from doing this as een if the job is properly done, with time the door will start rattling and sqeaking. i am a bit reluctant since the safari door rattles due to the weight of the tyre even though its standard fitment. but i feel it will hugely improve the apeal of the scorpio.
  15. i drove an 800 at 120 kmph with AC. it felt good. i had pressed the throttle completely but it dont move above that speed. but the 1 i drove had a 4 speed gearbox and not a 5 speed unit. but the only condition is that the road surface should be very smooth at such speeds. else the light weight and small tyres can be dangerous. thats what i felt. it tends to follow every crater and dip of the road. so speeding the 800 is recommended only in expressways and concrete surfaces.
  16. i have a scorpio VLX. i was thinking of relocating the spare tyre to the boot door of my scorpio as seen in SUVs (endeavour, safari, etc.)... is this feasible or recommended? what are the negatives? i just love look of a tyre on the rear door, hence the idea. your opinions buddies?
  17. hey buddy, kudos to you to have actually stopped and shown concern to the victim. normally, as you said, if the crowd is less, drivers tend to flee. you have not done that. even after knowing that the guy is drunk and the policeman telling you that its not your fault, you took him to the hospital and gave him 1500 bucks. that simply proves you are a good human being with a kind heart. kudos to you. everybody clap for krace buddy: raj_50042008-10-29 06:56:13
  18. ohhhhhhhhhh......... i wish i had that yaar......... looks like a real butch SUV... all straight lines and no feminine curves!!! I LOVE HUMMER!
  19. on the mumbai pune express highway atleast, there should be speed limits according to the lanes. the right lane- 100 kmph, middle lane- 70 kmph, left lane- 40 kmph (trucks). also, heavy vehicles should not be allowed in the right lane even for overtaking. this rule, though present, is not followed.
  20. this has been a problem everywhere buddy. i have heard of people beinh proimised a month 4 delivery and dint get the car even after 6 months. there is some problem in the assembly plant of the Dzire, i heard. so very few Dzires are rolling out. if you really require a car in urgency, just cancel the booking and go for a car which is readily available. else, i have heard that if you pay some premium amount to the dealers, they give you the car as soon as the lot arrives, dont know whether its true or a rumour.
  21. thats a suprise! good that TATAs are keen on improving their service. i hope its the same at all their service centres.
  22. you cant compare the suspension of the swift with the palio. the swift has a hard edge to its ride whereas the palio is much more stable and comfortable at high speeds. fiat cars are much more sturdy compared to marutis but their plastics are cheap.
  23. here in india we die to have a glimpse of this car!