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  1. the getz diesel is for u buddy....
  2. actually i dont agree to the engine part. today's modern diesel engines are on par and some are better than the petrols. they are quiet, smooth, good acceleration and good FE. moreover, 0-100 timings are not what is important in our everyday driving. because we rarely indulge in drag races. what is more important is the in-gear timings or driveability (20-80 or 40-100 kmph). this is where the diesel with higher torque excels. consider the verna D for example. it has more economy as well as better acceleration and in-gear timings than the verna petrol. same with the BMW 525d, merc E230d, optra magnum 2.0 D, etc.
  3. for learners, santro is the best. i10 has low seating than the santro and its dashboard though not too high, is higher than the santro. comparitively, the santro is more easier to drive but the i10 is a better product. avoid the CS. its not for learners. test drive the santro and i10 and choose your pick.
  4. hey archit, are you not from india? in india, we have the 1.8 civic.....
  5. raj_5004

    hot hatch

    i can only relate the word "hot" to the swift now. the indica vista looks cold from all angles except the front. the getz is too plain. a swift on a cool set of alloys can still turn heads.
  6. if you are planning to keep the car for 5 years, do invest in a newer product, the i10 over the santro. ultimately the extra amount spent will be compensated by the resale value after 5 years. its a well engineered product, hyundai service and resale value is good, superb interiors and quality and good reliabilty.
  7. if given a choice, in that price range, i would go for the i10, getz or swift, since you are not too keen on a boot. the vista maybe a very good car but i'll prefer to wait and watch. TATA products are known to have some initial hiccups. also, comparitively hyundais are more reliable. but if you want a saloon, i dont think you will get a ikon for 4.5 lakhs. maybe the indigo CS is available but not recommended atleast by me.
  8. what will happen in extremely dusty conditions like in india??? LOL...
  9. i think the ideal car for you is the getz. as i said in another thread too, here it meets your requirements well. i am a huge swift fan, but its not exactly a family car. hyundai reputation for excellent service and good resale values are standard.
  10. my vote goes for the swift... reason: looks, looks and looks! @ dokdindel: buddy, you should look at the getz prime. it meets your requirements of space and if you opt for a diesel, mileage would be less of a bother. also hyundai's excellent service backup is icing on the cake.
  11. i cant imagine the ride quality of this mammoth! how will he go off roading? well, if its just a piece of art, then kudos.....
  12. raj_5004

    Indica Vista

    yes, i remember the indicab. it was a CNG version of the indica with electronic taxi meter, different tail lights and headlights. oh god!! a vistacab is on the cards???? dont tell me...............
  13. if this car looks good, offers more features, enough space, good interiors and has a better engine than the innova with a lower price tag, then it has atleast a chance to compete with it. mahindra should not forget that toyota has earned itself a huge reputation. this is their big launch after the scorpio in 2003. i hope they wont dissapoint us.
  14. raj_5004

    Indica Vista

    ohhhhh... if that is the case, then good news for prospective vista buyers.... even toyota launched the innova claiming that they dont want to see their cars as taxis. i found it funny as in dubai, all taxis are camrys and corollas!!! but, i think atleast 30% of innovas sell as taxis! i hope what the regional manager said turns out to be true but frankly i think its not that easy. ultimately, what TATA wants is sales. thats the reason they make cars! so of the tour operators contribute to a fair share of the victa's sales, i dont think TATA will deny.
  15. @ vibhor: the headlights in the 2nd pic resembles to that of the scorpio a lot... @ speed: a range rover costs 80 lakhs buddy!!! my 3 cars cost me no more than 35 lakhs!!! hahahaha... 1 day i hope i can buy a hummer atleast if not a range rover...
  16. sure, but every time the problem is that they are on the other side of the road... LOL... but anytime i get a chance, i will surely click some pics...
  17. raj_5004

    Indica Vista

    @ thackervijay: just wait and watch buddy. i am sure the vista will be also seen in the taxi market. when the qualis was discontinued (it was the hot favourite among tour operators) due to innova's launch, everybody said the innova is too expensive for taxi buyers and tavera sales will rise. but what do we see? innova is flooding the taxi market! TATAs know how to price their car competitevely, whether its poor bulid quality or plastics or reliabilty. their service is cheaper. the FE is great. so i wont be suprised if i see many vistas with yellow number plate.
  18. yea buddy, i have seen it number of times. it dint have an indian registration. it was not camaflogued nor was there any sticker like "being tested" but so many vehicles on the same route does indicate that audi is testing the vehicle.
  19. i have seen the Q5 many many times (different vehicles) being teated in powai and eastern express highway in mumbai. looks damn cool. i think the LEDs in the headlights remain on always.
  20. @ speed: maybe speed hahahahaha! i am a true fan of mahindra, thats right. reasons include- its indian... they love jeeps/SUVs like me (!!)... they are the sole jeep manufacturers in the country... (i cant afford a range rover!) their vehicles are tough and can stand any amount of abuse... i dont like tinny japanese cars even though they are more reliable. and as i said earlier, their engines are mind blowing. they are very well fit for the respective vehicles or job they are aimed for. also, i do know the shorcomings of a mahindra, so its not that i am very much biased towards it. raj_50042008-10-19 05:46:12
  21. EDIT: in my above post "posted yesterday at 7:06 pm", i meant that NVH is 'high' compared to hawk but a bit better than innova at high revs. sorry for the error!
  22. i think you dont agree with me anjan....!!!!
  23. a very interesting write up buddy... a well maintained car too. kudos...
  24. 1 thing i am sure about the ingenio is that it will be a solid performer, it will have a rocking engine. the 2.2 mHawk with 140 bhp??? 1 thing i have noticed about all mahindra vehicles is that their engines are super cool and they perform, including the max pik up!!! no comparisons to accord V6 please!
  25. @ arindam: i would suggest you the innova if you are chauffer driven or reliabilty is your top priority. dont mistake me, the scorpio is very reliable but small electrical issues can creep up after a few years. else if you drive yourself, head to the mahindra showroom and atleast test drive a hawk.