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  1. looks great but they made it peppy compact sedan from a sedan Indigo CS BEWARE
  2. The front grill gives a new look to the car new add ups in interior also looks great
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  4. I think that zdi has better ride quality and its engine is also very good
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  6. i think its old safari with lights changed but srx design looks great from bheind
  7. It looks likes big bro of etios in front but it lacks in impressing the customer truly booring
  8. I would suggest TATA ARIA 4X2 its better than its rivals in the market or you can wait for the RENULT DUSTER its coming soon
  9. go for it its a car that will rule the rodes like its predecessor
  10. I would suggest Wagon-r but you con also go for the Beat diesel which is very well priced and you can get diesel nearly in a price of petrol