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  1. This is interesting.Will the Kia range be positioned as a budget brand while Hyundai becomes the "Luxury" brand or will it be like Nissan Renault??
  2. If the new Amby looks anything like the sketch,It's back with a bang and how.. I'm buying one if it's that hot
  3. I think the Force One suffered dur to poor marketing, 0 brand value and a Backdated design. The design is a personal opinion
  4. Post deleted: Double post. BornFree2011-11-17 03:36:58
  5. I feel that Tata should improve the quality of components and parts before launching newer products and yes high time the Safari came with a monocoque. Is the Merlin a mere update or a total change???
  6. I think that the Tatas are killing FIAT in India.They're marketing Indicas and MAnzas over the Punto and Linea. Even if a customer wants a FIAT the salesmen makes the customer buy a Tata by citing reasons like unreliability,high maintenance and poor fuel consumption. if this post is deemed vulgar please free feel to delete it
  7. what is the potential cost of the panda???
  8. Typical french quirkiness.I would love to plonk my money on a Renault or a Peugeot or Citroen if my parents gave me the moolah
  9. Please Honda do not mess up the prices of this car.Toyota priced the Liva a ahade more than competetive in my opinion and I don't see many of this car today. Anybody know the sales figures of Liva??
  10. samsung is a brand people associate with electronic gasgets and not cars. No doubt the brand value of Samsung is very good but a samsung car doesn't sound good and F1 followers can always spread word about the Renault brand
  11. Will they name it the Sail in India? Hope not coz people associate Sail name with Opel and that ain't a good thing
  12. Hmmmm Interesting idea.TVS launched the 4R for rural markets based on their venerable MAX4R and Bajaj wants a share of that pie.. Hosur vs Chakan the battle is on