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  1. Thanks guys, how much would a Bridgestone turanza cost, and how much is Michelin XM1+ cost in mumbai... Do let me know if you are aware...
  2. Hello Everyne, I am new to this forum and i joined this as i found it very useful. I have a 2008 Ford Fiesta EXI Petrol with MRF ZV2K tubeless stock tyres.. I have done 40k kms in these and 1 of them is patched as it was a big puncture and from the other i am getting steering vibrations. The third one i put a tube in as there was an emergency. Now, i need to change the tyre that gives vibrations at any speed. The steering tilts left and then back when driven at less than 10km/hr. The current config is : FRONT LEFT - OK FRONT RIGHT - TUBE put in the tubeless as it had many punctures REAR LEFT - OK REAR RIGHT - PATCHED tyre. Yesterday it was flat, got pressure checked. Its fine uptil now. STEPNEY - The tyre which gave vibrations on the steering. Plz suggest, what should i do? Buy one tyre and place it where? OR Buy 2 tyres OR buy all four tyres? Which brand do i go for here? I just need comfortable smooth ride and around 50-55k kms on the new ones.. I am not very keen on spending loads and not much aware about this. Please help guys!! Thread moved.BornFree2011-08-11 05:22:30