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    FloawlBadewak reacted to Harendra in Hach back with Automatic Diesel   
    My Question is form all the Automobile company in India why they are not launching any Diesel Hatch like i20, Polo, Punto, New Jazz (2014), Eco sport with automatic transmission? Can anyone answer this question by lancing car like this.
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    FloawlBadewak reacted to FuelRunGod in Forum Downtime   
    Dear Users,

    You may have noticed the forum and the autocar website was not functioning for the past few days. We were facing some server difficulties and were working to fix the issues.

    As of now, the problems seem to have been sorted out. We regret the inconvinience caused.

    The support staff can be contacted anytime at forum@autocarindia.com.


    FuelRunGod2007-12-03 14:35:38