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  1. more about Hunk http://rearset.blogspot.com/2007/10/hero-honda-hunk-full-details.html
  2. I guess there are 2-3 versions of the Shine. which version did you book?
  3. Unicorn is for commuters Apache is for performance
  4. why don't you keep the Apache RTR 160 as an option. it has more power and better handling than the HUNK. I like the looks of the Apache RTR especially the STEEL GRAY color. I also find the name HUNK very very funny.
  5. Here is a ROAD TEST of the HUNK. http://indian2wheels.blogspot.com/2007/11/review-of-150-cc-hero-honda-hunk-road.html
  6. the Avenger and the Thunderbird are totally different bikes. Its not fair to compare them The T-bird is made for the Highway and the Avenger is made for the City