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  1. ... Greetings fellow. I show a model in scale 1 / 10 of a Jeep Land Rober Spanish army in Western Sahara in 1975. It is built in: Sheet iron, screws, wood, plastic, acrylic resins, fine leather ... ect. --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Image from my website. To see more photos of the model to go: ------------------------------------------------------------------- - Enter my website. - Scale 1 / 10. - Website: Vehiculos. (Yellow) ------------------------------------------- Sincerely ... Jorge.
  2. .... Perhaps someone has no money to have the collection of vehicles in scale 1 / 1 who dreams of his best dreams. But without a garage to have many vehicles, it is sufficient to only a showcase in your home, desired to have a collection of smaller scale vehicles and somehow comforting to contemplate and experience in such a dream. Scale vehicles are a healthy hobby. And you can even tune the model you want. It's a good hobby to combat stres. In my website, there are military vehicles and custom fantasy. Sincerely ... Jorge.
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    .... Greetings to all members of this forum. Apologies for the poor translation. I'ma fan of scale models. But what I like most is to make military vehicles or action to scale and customize the models. Use any material to rebuild. When completed it photographed and put into my website adventures creating dioramas with models. Now I say goodbye ... carefully ... Jorge.
  4. ... Congratulations for having them so fantastic car models. Sincerely ... Jorge.