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  1. Hi As we all know that both New Swift and Jazz has poor low end torque, I would like to know if its possible to remap ECU for better driveability similar to santro (better power/torque in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear) Also I would like to know if we can do this in authorized service center upon request? Could anyone in this forum please provide your inputs on this?
  2. hi parijat, i10 has poor ride quality. Even I had this problem with my i10 earlier and I got back pain. I sold it just because of poor ride quality. I'm not sure if there is any work around
  3. but it doesn't look like mini suv. But definitely it can swallow xylo, scorpio and other suv sales if priced in 7 to 8 lakhs bracket. lets see
  4. Even I'm looking for a car with similar requirements Though ride quality is my priority, Reliability and ASS is more important as well. In that case I have options like Jazz, Ritz, Polo and Swift Regarding Ritz, I use to drive my friend's Ritz LDI but I find ride quality not that good. Its 'ok' type. Can anyone tell me if Ritz petrol has better ride quality than Ritz LDI because of stiff suspension in LDI due to diesel engine? Also I heard that tyre pressure is an important criteria in ride quality particularly in Ritz. My friend in his LDI use to keep 33psi though I heard recommended is 29psi. Can anyone tell me if we keep 29psi then will there be any significant difference in ride quality?
  5. Sorry I forgot to mention details, Petrol is Jazz Select and Diesel is Swift ZDI EMI is calculated with Rs.2300 per lakh Running cost is calculated at 70rs per ltr for petrol and 49rs per ltr for diesel
  6. I am in a similar dilemma but I have only 2 choices in mind (Swift ZDI and Jazz Select). Though there is 80k difference between Swift ZDI and Jazz I think I can recover due to swift diesel's low running cost. I did a simple calculation assuming I'm keeping car for 5 years and paying EMI till end of 5th year Car Model Petrol Diesel Price (On Road) 680000 750000 Downpayment 200000 200000 Remaining 480000 550000 EMI 11040 12650 Monthly Run 1200 1200 Mileage 14 17 Total Fuel Consumption 85.71428571 70.58823529 Total Running Cost 6000 3529.411765 Total Monthly Expenditure 17040 16179.41176 There is only 860rs difference in my monthly expenditure for my running 1200kms per month Maintenance will be high in diesel than petrol but resale value of diesel will surpass petrol vehicles. So both will tally.
  7. Can I choose Swift over Ritz only because New Swift has better Ride quality than Ritz? I am not much concerned about handling or fun to drive factor
  8. @kadam_19, thats enough for me. I had i10 and I sold it just because of 2 reasons Bumpy ride and to make it worse the route to my office is full of potholes and speed breakers at every 50m Lack of Low rpm torque and I use to face engine 'stalling' often If the above 2 problems are not there in Honda Jazz then thats the car for me. Today I spoke to a sales person from Olympia Honda and he told me that new car for test drive will come in a week or two. Waiting with my fingers crossed
  9. @kadam_19, thanks for your inputs. based on your opinion can I assume Jazz's ride quality is much better than bumpy i10? or is it only marginally better?
  10. @Durango Dude, When I ask for a longer test drive, the dealer use to say the maximum allowed is 2 to 5 kms (depending on dealer). So I really cannot judge the car in a short period of time @dr_nishu, I am waiting for Brio test drive. Did you get any chance to test drive brio? If so can you comment on the ride quality?
  11. But I heard there are some changes in suspension to give more ride comfort. Also low end torque is tweaked for driveabilty @Durango Dude, Regarding Brio I'm really confused on what to believe and what not. In all magazines, Autocar India, What Car etc they say that Brio has good ride quality but in Team-bhp forum's official review (which people say it as most unbiased review) it says ride quality is stiff and not good even on less than smooth surface. So really don't know which one to believe. Waiting for Brio test drive as well. Also I feel Eon is too basic BTW, can anyone let me know which magazine has most unbiased review? Autocarindia or What Car or Overdrive etc
  12. I'm still waiting for new jazz test drive. No dealer has got any demo car. Did anyone get a chance to test drive new Jazz? If so can you comment on Low end torque and Ride quality?
  13. @nikvint, though the maintenance cost will be more in the diesel, that will be compensated by the high resale value considering we are selling the car after 5 years. So almost both are equal apart from monthly expenditure
  14. @nikvint, Are you sure that Swift Diesel gives 17 to 18 in city. I'm really happy about this as I'm thinking to book Swift ZDi. And I didn't understand other factors which you said (interest, insurance cost etc). I was thinking that those are all included since I'm considering only On Road price and the EMI includes interest as well (2300 rs per lakh for 60 months).
  15. Hi I have done a straight calculation based on monthly expenditure. Not sure if this is the right way. Please correct me if I'm wrong Car Model Petrol (Swift zxi) Diesel (Swift Zdi) Price (On Road) 660000 750000 Downpayment 200000 200000 Remaining 460000 550000 EMI 10580 12650 Monthly Run 1200 1200 Mileage 12 16 Total Fuel Consumption 100 75 Total Running Cost 7000 3600 Total Monthly Expenditure 17580 16250